stay wondrous; drink water
stay wondrous; drink water nonfiction stories
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jojojello if you know who I am, could you show me?
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it's so much better than they told you

stay wondrous; drink water

congratulations, you're

twenty-three and surviving

on pot and painkillers and the press of

holding your lover's hand

and your best friend's smile and anxiety

and it's all worth it, isn't it?

you've finally got life in your grasp

humming happily in the grocery store snack aisle

child, why are you still surprised

to stumble upon beginnings?

did they do so well in

convincing you growing old is

the end of all things?

grow into who you

were always meant to be

take up your own space

take your pills

transition with pride

getting bigger can still mean

getting better

enjoy yourself, and keep surviving

you're a thrill to behold

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