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jojojello if you know who I am, could you show me?
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My era of love poems might still be over;
so what's next?

I Wonder

I wonder if I would write a love poem again

I might

I could

I probably will

I wonder if that's even what I want.

I wonder if I could spend some time

Writing not love poems,

Writing not love poems, not exactly,

But rather...

Infatuation poems

Desire poems

Enchantment poems

Lust poems

Poems to the stranger in a club

Poems to the cute lab partner

Poems to the one-night stand

Poems of a more casual kind of love

A love that makes me smile as I wake in early morning light

A love that makes me gasp as the dusk turns to night

A love that is gone by noon.

A superficial love;

Concerned not with the person

But rather the idea

Of who they might be

And who I might be with them.

An idea that will not be explored;

Only imagined, happily and trivially.

I wonder who would be the subjects

Of my not love poems;

I'd love to meet them.

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