I can't help it
I can't help it cell-phone stories

jojojello if you know who I am, could you show me?
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written July 31, 2015 at 2:44 AM

I can't help it

I can't help but feel butterflies every time your name pops up on my phone screen

I can't help but stare at your contact picture for days afterwards, wondering if you want nothing more than to talk to me too

I can't help but think of you all the time

When I'm feeling lonely

When I hear a joke I want to tell

When I have something I want to share

When I listen to the radio

When I need a friend

I can't help but see a snapchat of your smile and think 'this is the highlight of my day'

And I can't help but wish it was me in that picture making you smile instead of her

I can't help but daydream of your arms wrapped around me

Of cuddling together on the couch

Of proper dates with you

I can't help it, but hell do I miss you.

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