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jojojello if you know who I am, could you show me?
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Reminiscing on my travels to and from gradeschool

Blue School Bus

First grade

Public school

"Which bus are you on?"

There's a coloured sticker beside the door

"I'm on the blue school bus!"

Friends are made at recess

But bonds are formed on the bus

Tenth grade

Whoever has a car has the most friends

...And the most people to pick up on the way to school

Free time is for cruising

And teaching ourselves how to drive poorly

The Mazda 4x4 seats seven

My blue school bus

I grew up in its backseat

Where I learned to turn my emotions into words

Where I held hands with the boy who made me smile

That Mazda got sold the other week

I've lost touch with my elementary bus mates

But I'll always carry fond memories

From the blue school bus.

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