A True Story of Judgement.
A True Story of Judgement.  justice stories

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A True Story of How would you feel

A True Story of Judgement.

A man named Wisdom whom was very, very, rich, wise, Humble and loving, and also had many sons but no daughters. Yet only one of them could father a child.

That one married a woman who could give Wisdom grand children. Wisdom was so happy, because they were perfect for each other. Promising them he would give them many of his riches even his kingdom.

However, one of Wisdom’s sons named Slanderer, was listening and became very envious of the newlyweds, deciding he would killed them both. Wisdom became aware of what Slanderer had done and vanished him.

Slanderer in time became very rich misleading people and taking advantage of them. So famous doing so, that many would follow his ways and dedicate events to his fame. Wisdom would never forget the pain he was caused.

Slanderer’s siblings would never participate in the events of his fame. Eventually over time, Slanderer decided he would give a different meaning to those events so that perhaps he could mislead his brothers into taking part adding to the pain of his father.

Now ask yourself, after hearing such a story, would you take any part in anything Slanderer is part of?

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