Deadline horror stories

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What would you do when the lights go out and a serial killer is on the loose?


"Four people found dead last Frosties' bathroom," Jacob read to his roommates. "That's seventy people now for this guy J.R." It'd probably make the evening news. Rebecca made a small noise. "Are you sure?"

Jacob nodded. "J.R. was carved in their skin...won't disclose the witnesses."

"Imagine what they looked like." Richard glanced out the window. The tree scratched the glass as the rain poured down. He shuddered. Rebecca swallowed. "Seventy people are dead and they... What if-"

The lights went out.

"Stay calm," Jacob whispered, standing. "It's storming. Power's probably out everywhere." He peered out the window. Not the case. "Maybe a fuse?" Richard offered. "I'll check."

Richard found their fuse box in the basement. He flicked the switches off and on. He opened his group chat with Jacob and Rebecca: It work? Jumping at the telltale creak of the basement door he quickly looked to see who was there. No one. Nothing.

His phone buzzed with a text: No. He groaned and flicked the switches again. He replied before heading up: Did it again.

Halfway up something curled around his ankle and tugged. He fell, knocking his head off the step. When he turned his eyes widened. "You..." he choked. A knife flashed above him, his eyes filled with fear. With his last breath, he begged for mercy.

Jacob bit his lip, looking down at his phone. "He should be back by now." "I told you it was a bad idea," Rebecca retorted. She shook her head. "Maybe we should go find him?" "He'll be back... Here, help find the candles."

During their search the door opened. "About time you showed up," Jacob laughed. He stopped short when he saw that it wasn't Richard. Jacob's scream was cut off by the knife slicing his throat. He fell to his knees, blood pouring from his neck.

Rebecca jumped and looked to the living room. Someone had their back to her with someone on the ground. Jacob. She slipped into the bedroom before getting under the bed.

Lightning flashed when the intruder turned. She clamped a hand over her mouth. He looked in her direction. It went dark again, her heart pounded in her chest. Lightning lit up the room again. It was empty.

Rebecca didn't move for the rest of the night. The sun came up and she called the police. They found Richard's body in the basement, symbols carved into his body, and then quickly took care of Jacob's body.

Rebecca sat outside, shocked. "Rebecca, I assume," a reporter said as he walked up to her. "John Ritter. Reporter for the local paper. I was wondering if I could talk to you about what happened."

Rebecca looked up and froze. An image of the night before flashed into her mind as the lightning flashed into the room. "'re..." The killer.

John put a finger to his lips, winking, darkness in his eyes. "Now...what did you see?" "N-nothing," she stuttered. "I saw nothing."

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