not even sure....
not even sure.... lost stories

johnnypearlIt is what it is...
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not even sure....

by johnnypearl

She's beautiful. Because of that, I turn into a terrified puddle. No shape.

What do I say to this adoring creature. Hello? Hiya? Want to see my penis?

How does this even work? Lets say I say Hi. Lets say we even have some sort of pleasant conversation.

I'm broke. This is how it ends because I can't invite out anywhere, and I can't invite her to my house. It's disrespectful. To her and my roommate.

I like not doing anything. Does that mean I'll be alone?

I have a deep desire for connection. To be cared about. To be wanted.

I don't feel as though I'll ever find it.

I feel lost.

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