"You are not a-loan"

            "You are not a-loan" jesus stories

johnnymontano WARRIORS of HOPE
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This is a my contribution to Bastion of Calm collaboration. It is an honor and a pleasure. 🙏🏽

"You are not a-loan"

Your are not a loan, (alone)

You were bought with a price.

The price of someone's blood.

He took your ransom to give you hope and a future.

He took what belonged to you and made it his, In exchange for that which belongs to him.

Eternal life...

You are more than your mistakes, failures and passed regrets.

The opinions of others do not compare to the thoughts of the one who made you.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made in his image.

Jesus loves you and always will...

He signed the dotted line with blood.

Question is...

Do you believe you were made for more?

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