"Just Wait and See Momma"

   "Just Wait and See Momma" mothers day stories

johnnymontano WARRIORS of HOPE
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Im truly grateful for my mom and everything she does for me and my family.

"Just Wait and See Momma"

Even after a long day at work, my mother hands work tirelessly.

Chopping vegetables for dinner, stitching our clothes, whatever needs to get done.

I loved her hardworking hands and admired them. I wanted to be strong like her.

But at the time I couldn't be.

I would gladly have done so if I weren't so stressed out about the situation I'm in.

I can't tell you how much I hate being without a job.

I wish I can be able to delegate all her mundane tasks so she can focus on rest and recovery.

She needs to value rest.

All she's been doing is working. She doesn't even let me help. I don't like it.

Why doesn't she ever listen?

I appreciate everything she does but I'm afraid that she's going to run herself to the ground.

There's only so much one human can do.

I promise,

I promise, Once my application goes through I will surely get rid of all those mundane tasks of hers and make sure she doesn't have to work three jobs again.

I'm counting on it for sure!

She will live on the mountains in Colombia,

Overseeing many acres, that's what she deserves.

She doesn't even know what I got up my sleeve...

She's too focused on cooking,

Just look at her?

"Oh, honey? Food is ready!"

"Coming mom!"

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