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johnnymontano WARRIORS of HOPE
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Do you find yourself feeling like Jake in this story?

I Wonder...

I've lived in this town my whole life and most of the time that's fine with me.

But in late fall when the sky is filled with birds migrating for the winter, traveling thousands of miles,

I get homesick for places I've never been too.

Places like Hawaii, where the blues are so vivid and the ocean so wide.

Places like the Amazon forest where I can get dangerously lost without feeling fear.

Or maybe up somewhere in the mountains where no one can track me down.

Sometimes I wonder if the birds are as conscious of their identity as much as humans strive to understand themselves.

Do the birds truly just fly down south for the weather or is it for bliss?

The bliss of truly being free from society and maybe a short break from predators.

I don't think I am as homesick as much as I am jealous of those flying creatures and their ability to fly.

"Jake!! Come downstairs and eat, the food is ready!" Yelled Jake's mom from the kitchen.

Jake pulled his eyes away from the window glass and walked out of his room with his head down.

Jake was upset at the reality of being a human.

He felt his true identity was being kept from him, only to be unleashed for a specific time,

but Jake had no idea who that person might be...

"Eat before your food gets cold!" Said Jake's mom.

"What's wrong Jake? Why the long face?"

"Do you think birds outside know who they truly are?" Asked Jake.

"What? like their names?"

"I don't think birds name their babies like us, they are not humans. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering," said, Jake disappointedly.

"Well, stop wondering and eat!

Birds have to eat and so do humans."

Moral of the story: All we can be is who we are.

The only experience we can have is our own.

No matter how much we assume someone else's life is better than our own.

We don't know that to be true.

It's up to us to interpret and appreciate the life we were given and make the most out of every blessing we have and situation we are in.

Make the most out of each day. Jesus Loves You.

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