(Calm Sea) A poem by: Johans

(Calm Sea)

A poem by: Johans poem stories
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(Calm Sea) A poem by: Johans

I thought you we're a calm sea, makes me want to swim the moment I saw those captivating waves coming through the shore, so irresistible.

The relaxing sound of it give eargasm that will surely make me listen all day long.

Thanks to so much pleasant by the sea breeze as if it's giving me tight hugs and true love that I deserve.

Without a second thought, I decided to jump out of it not thinking any harm it might have bring.

I swim because in my head this is the safest place I could go, because finally something has made me feel loved and I mattered.

I was so naive to think that way, because the calm sea I thought is pure, innocent, decent, kind and harmless can be dangerous and hazardous some time.

But it was too late. 

I am now in the middle of the sea with nothing to go and nothing to hold on.

Then, the sea suddenly change.

It's captivating waves become a deadliest tsunami it can wipe out anything it touch.

The sound is no longer giving me relaxations but a fear to drown from it.

The sea breeze now terrifies me every time I feel it.

I am aware that this the end of me.

No one to blame but me

A massive wave strikes straight into my face and I did realize you just tempted me to swim.

How dare you try and play me for a fool?

To give agony?

I close my eyes and regret everything I've done.

If I live again, I would never swim the same sea again.

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