A Prayer To My Lord
A Prayer To My Lord religious stories

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Beautiful words of solace for your hurting heart

A Prayer To My Lord

Watching my life go up

in flames, what can I do?

I need someone to tell me

how to make it through

The nights never end and

my life is such a mess

How can I find the way

through all my endless tests?

The words of man say that

the worst of times will pass

But I escaped the dark and

all I had to do was ask:

Lord lift me up and give me

strength to make it through

You're the only one who

knows exactly what to do

I will lay my burdens at the

cross for You to share

Knowing for eternity that

you will always care

Lord, take my hand and

walk beside me all the way

I will find my solace in

the words you have to say

When I'm at my worst and

failure seems that it will be

I will wrap myself securely

in the grace you gave to me

Lord I give my heart to You

in this, my darkest hour

I will be the lamb you save

with your awesome power

No matter what, I'll never

doubt anything You say

I ask this in your Holy

Name, in which I now pray....

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