While We're Chasing Happiness..
While We're Chasing Happiness.. true stories

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While We're Chasing Happiness..

by johnchang

Needing a break, a businessman visited a sleepy fishing town

A fisherman brought in his day's catch

"How long did it take to catch these?" asked the businessman

"Not long," said the fisherman. "But it feeds my family."

"If you stay out longer, you can catch more,"

suggested the business man

"True, but what would I do with more fish?"

asked the fisherman.

"Ah, that's easy - you can make more money.."

continued the businessman.

..buy more boats - eventually sell your business & retire!"

the businessman explained.

"What would I do after I retire?"

asked the fisherman.

"Pretty much whatever you wanted,"

replied the businessman.

"You can spend time with your family.."

Eat and drink to your heart's content..

Stay up and play music with your friends.."

suggested the businessman.

"But I do already this," said the fisherman.

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