What is Your Time Worth?
What is Your Time Worth? story stories

johnchangjust a man discovering his superpowers
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What is Your Time Worth?

by johnchang

A faulty generator stumped the engineers..

So, they called in a consultant to have a look

Upon arriving, the expert asked for only 3 things -

A notebook, a pencil & a cot..

Day and night, he stayed near the generator & took notes

Finally, he made a chalk mark..

Showing the engineers which plate to remove and replace some parts

Sure enough, it worked..

And soon the generator was running smoothly again

The CEO was thrilled..

Until getting an invoice for $10,000

He asked the consultant to justify each item

And explain such a steep price tag

When the updated invoice came back, it had just 2 items -

Marking chalk mark on generator - $1

Knowing where to make mark - $9,999

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