Do We Really See What's Around Us?
Do We Really See What's Around Us? diamond stories

johnchang just a man discovering his superpowers
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Do We Really See What's Around Us?

by johnchang

Excited about tales of fortunes being made in diamond mines

An African farmer sells his farm & wanders..

In search of his fortune

One day the man who bought his farm notices a shiny stone

..while walking by a stream on the property

Taking it home, he places it on the mantel of his fireplace

Weeks later, a visitor notices it and looking closely

..asks whether the farmer knew what he’d found.

"Why, it's just a piece of crystal," the farmer said.

"Like the others by the creek bed - full of these."

Of course, it turned out the hapless farmer had sold..

One of the richest diamond mines in Africa..

Because he failed to see an opportunity right under his nose

Too often, we chase that next shiny object..

..but miss the very opportunities right in front of us.

"Fortune favors the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur

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