A Man Walks Into A Bar..
A Man Walks Into A Bar.. story stories

johnchang just a man discovering his superpowers
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Inspired by Andrew Stanton's TED talk
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A Man Walks Into A Bar..

by johnchang

A backpacker stops at a pub in the highlands of Scotland.

Inside is a bartender and an old man nursing a beer.

He orders a pint, and they all sit in silence for a while.

Suddenly, the old man turns and says, "You see this bar?

I built this with my bare hands from the finest wood around.

Gave it more love and care than my own child.

..But do they call me MacGregor the bar builder? No."

"See that stone wall out there? Built it with my bare hands!

Found every stone, placed them just so through rain & cold..

But do they call me MacGregor the stone wall builder? No."

"See that pier on the lake? Built it with me bare hands..

Drove pilings against the tide of the sand, plank by plank..

But do they call me MacGregor the pier builder? No.

But you f^@& one goat.."

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