Lucky you

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john14jayson Unrivaled believer
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How lucky are you to have had someone I had always dreamed of.

Lucky you

How lucky are you to have been loved by such an angel

I compared myself to you but to no avail You set the standard so high it takes my all to bear

I took you as my rival, here I am left to bare Vulnerable, left to chase the shadow of love missing from the trail

Her love so true, full of passion

Tireless, without exhaustion

Day in and day out poured everything merry, no frustrations

You're lucky to have had someone with such dedication

I envied you in the start, knowing you had the girl of my dreams

One who supports, trust and loves, But this seems

Too good to be true for I am lucky too.

To have known such an impeccable lady

hoping I could be with her as a friend Or more..

For eternity

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