Four Seasons
Four Seasons love stories

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With every season, does your love fade?

Four Seasons

Chilly stares, my heart's frozen Relentlessly pursuing this icy feeling

Your warmth pierces through my glacial exteriors

Harsh howling inside me, You silenced them

A crystalline personality, what a sight As the snowflakes drops, I long for your touch.

Blossoming flowers, you awaken my inner being,

Your pleasant smile, a heart so pure All your curves, rejuvenates me with every glance

The smell of the meadows accompanies you, With every break of laughter Mother nature smiles, leaving behind a shower of petals

My intense adoration towards you screams out.

Scorching heat, yet your refreshing voice replenishes me

Bright as the sun Sensational like the ocean waves

Dreamy, as the starry night In this tropical unforgettable paradise

Your delightful presence captures me the most, You're simply lovely

You're sun-sational

Enchanting as the fall festival, your eyes the harvest moon

Relaxing as the autumn breeze passes by spectacularly your hair weaves and dances

Leaves falling, moonlit evenings, A mosaic of color, all this yearning

As the leaves tumble down, My feelings tumble down for you

Throughout the year, with the changing season

I long for your love,

Season after season through dust, breeze, fall or snow

Its you I fall 4.

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