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joeyhusk And The Pain Poured From His Fingers
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A very emotionally raw poem, that lays it all out bare. Inspired by my partner, as I lye next to them after a hard day. Xx.

Look To Me

When you're hurting, and your skies are grey,

When you feel you can't go on one more day,

When you're lonely, and your life feels small,

When you feel like you're about to fall,

When your heart sinks, and your eyes well,

Remember this that I shall tell,

The darkness of this world is cold,

but the light inside you I long to hold

The lonely and broken that swim through your veins,

Will be washed clean with the next day's rains,

The clouds will clear, and sun will shine,

and I'll always be right beside you, all through time,

I'll hold you up when you're too weak to stand,

and when you fall, I'll forever reach out my hand,

No matter how scarey this world will get,

you'll be the one thing I'll never regret,

So when your soul is longing and broken,

look to me, and never forget these words I've spoken,

For I will always be a gesture away,

my love for you, is here to stay.

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