Love is Easy, the Path is Not.
Love is Easy, the Path is Not. love stories

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To my dearest Anna... I love you with all my heart.

Love is Easy, the Path is Not.

We found each other through odd paths, our hearts were searching for what was still uncertain.

Ridiculed by loved ones for our unconventional love,

but we stayed strong by holding on.

It was not easy.

The whole could not last because there was a weakness, and that weakness spawned a demon in my heart.

The lies I had buried were opening up, and the fear of an unknown outcome began to bleed.

It was not easy.

You did not want our love to blossom this way, but in my heart I had already excepted that this was the way it needed to be.

I could not communicate my intensions properly, and the guilt you felt when we cut our weight pulled you deep.

It was not easy.

The three that was once was never meant to be, but this was never your fault.

Fear of losing you grew stronger, and anger was my misguided emotion that stabbed you in every conflict.

For you, it was not easy.

My weakness attacked you over and over again, "I can't do this anymore!"

My abusive behavior stabbed at your soul, pointing blame where it didn't belong.

For you, it was not easy.

You gave me everything you had, but I kept finding fault that was non-existent.

All you wanted was love and freedom, and all I gave you was manipulation and control.

For you, it was not easy.

This was a life I promised to keep you out of, yet my own baggage and battles that I couldn't communicate with you caused it to flourish.

Your strength attacked me with impact and purpose, "I can't do this anymore!"

Now, it was impossible for you.

I retreated in rage and anger, and my demons made effort to erase you from my life.

My weakness became an evil strength that only wanted to hurt you more, and I lost complete control of all I was.

Now, you were gone.

My time was frozen.

You waited for me to return to fight, but I didn't.

I contemplated moving on, but I couldn't.

I reflected harder on myself than I have ever done in my life, but now, how would I return?

You reflected on the unfair love that I gave you; how could you let me return?

It would not be easy.

The evil inside me that was building from demons of my past began to hurt.

This regret, self-hatred, sorrow, and pain, was burning a hole in my chest where my heart once was.

Now, it was impossible for me.

I could not keep going; at least, not without you.

I finally came to the realization of how much of your love that I took, and never returned.

The chances you gave that I took for granted, and never took warning.

I knew how bad I was to you and I knew how much I didn't deserve you, but I needed to be the man you deserve.

It would not be easy.

I am finally awake! No more lies.

My love for you is the purest form! I will not fault again.

I am the support and the love your life deserves! My demons are gone.

I am ready to make you proud and support your dreams! But now you are gone...

This is not easy.

In the hole that was my heart, now perches a phoenix.

It's eyes opened up to see your smile, and now my heart is locked on.

You still love me and want to be together, but the scars are deep and the fear is plenty.

This is not easy.

My promises sound the same as they had in the past, so you will not show weakness and open up your heart to me again.

I don't blame you.

You are the smartest, strongest, and most enduring woman I know.

You are not be easy.

But here I am, holding onto the anchor with bloody hands.

Begging you for a new start, not another chance.

It will not be easy.

Your strength should not be measured by keeping me out, but seen as love to let me back in.

Together, we should build our life unrestricted, and never again be held down with control or manipulation.

It will not be easy.

I long to hold you in my arms again, but as a new start.

My heart and soul are yours, and will never falter again.

The memories of the demons will always remind us of what we can overcome, and will help us hold onto each other through battles I neglected to share.

Nothing worth living for is easy.

Open up your heart to me baby... allow me back in. I promise that our happiness will grow and our love will flourish.

Our love.

OUR love...

Finally, something that is easy...

...OUR love.

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