Who on Commaful do you most look up to?
Who on Commaful do you most look up to? featured stories

joemama ur cute uwu
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Which Commaful members are you the biggest fan of?
Inspired by @caldafox

Who on Commaful do you most look up to?

Commaful is an amazing community with a collection of stunning authors and amazing people.

These people honestly deserve so much recognition for how amazing they are, so here's a challenge: go to the comments and mention the people on Commaful who you look up to and who inspires you or whoever you like talking to the most.

If you're mentioned by someone else in the comments, then I challenge you mention who inspires you or who your favourite members are!

You can mention as many people as you want. Don't be shy to show your appreciation to the ones who deserve it!

I'll go first. I'm inspired by @stadarooni, @bruvton, and @bruisedmelodies.

I can't wait to see who everyone looks up to! I'll follow everyone who comments on this post, too. I encourage you to use the comment section and people's answers to discover new awesome people!

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