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joemama how do I tell my girlfriend I'm gay?
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I have a problem.

My Vice

I expect too much from myself. I shouldn't work on complex pieces yet; I need to get a hang of using a pencil first.

But I feel too old to draw boring, rudimentary stuff. I must, though. I'm never too old to learn something properly.

In order to practice symmetry, design, and lines, I've decided to draw zentangle type things. So far they're a bit aesthetically displeasing.

As you can see, they're asymmetrical. I don't want that. So I'm just gonna practice, I guess.

Unrelated ramblings: I asked my friend if they'd think I was a furry if I sent them a cute picture of a catgirl. They said no.

I showed them the picture, and they called me a furry.

Here's the picture:

Yeah, I guess my friend was right. I'm a furry.

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