Day 2 of learning how to draw
Day 2 of learning how to draw art stories

joemama how do I tell my girlfriend I'm gay?
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I struggled today. I think I got worse since yesterday.

Day 2 of learning how to draw

At about midnight, I tried to draw a front facing floofer. I didn't like the way it turned out.

It took me an hour and 3 tries to create a smudge that a normal artist could sketch in ten seconds.

I tried again later, following a different tutorial.

If the eyes were twins, they'd be Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The whole right side of the face is too big.

I also tried to redraw the same boyo as last time with a few edits like smaller ears and a smaller jaw, but it also ended up sub-par.

I'm getting a tiny bit better at drawing tufts of fur, but I'm still really bad at drawing eyes. Today was important because when I actually get good at this, I can look back at today and see how bad of a drawer I was.

The problem with all of these tutorials is that they're all in different styles. It's kinda unfortunate.

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