Bruvton's Challenge, but Really Late
Bruvton's Challenge, but Really Late funny stories

joemama damn, forgot about this account
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I wanted to do a Q&A to celebrate 100 followers, but I was too lazy to ask for questions so I did @bruvton's challenge. Plus, I crave the juicy, juicy shoutout which will be bequeathed upon me.

Bruvton's Challenge, but Really Late

1) How's life? It's pretty gucci, ngl. I'm finally getting followers, which is nice.

2) Post a selfie. This one was taken at [ʀᴇᴅᴀᴄᴛᴇᴅ].

3) Write a haiku/tanka. You may be asking, Who is Joe? Well, it is me. I am Joe Mama.

4) What are your life goals? I want to live until I die. My ultimate goal is to have one of those families that were so idealized in the 50's, but without a stay-at-home wife. I want my future wife and I to have equal responsibilities.

5) What are your greatest fears? Spiders, and the void in my heart that screams in the night and begs for the blood of innocent souls, dragging me to the depths of hell.

Just kidding.

6) What inspired you to join Commaful? I was vibing and the sky opened up and God said "I summon thee to put a plague on Commaful, the plague being your existence. Go forth, my child!"

7) Go to your phone or computer gallery, close your eyes, scroll, and click somewhere random to choose a random picture. Post it.

8) Who on Commaful do you look up to? Everyone, ngl. But I can't get over the fact that I can only get likes when bruvton shouts out my posts. That's wiiild, bro.

9) Answer any question you want! What are some nice memes?

10) Draw something or take a cool photo of something and post it. Alrighty.

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