Pick Your Poison: Nicotine
Pick Your Poison: Nicotine life stories

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A poison for each person. Pick yours. #PoisonSeries

Pick Your Poison: Nicotine

Nicotine (n.) is a nitrogen-containing chemical made by several types of plants, including the tobacco plant. The side effects of nicotine can affect the heart, hormones, and gastrointestinal system. Commonly found in cigarettes. Source: Medical News Today

A stupid little fly lands on my nose, It buzzed on my greyish hair really close. Annoyance inside me cried, But I couldn't get it As both my hands were occupied.

A phone on my left, A wisp on my right, One to get on my nerve, One to calm down my freight.

My flimsy pleasure stuck between my fingers, Its ashy remnant evaporates, continued to linger Lighted on, as I exhumed it in, It melts my stressful boulders from within

Low in volume but weighted, Upon the phone I commanded, "Unless you want this work with tar Turn it in to me within an hour."

Ending the call, I turned to the bed A smirking man was shaking his head. Taking a long drag from these bundled heaves, I exhaled the smoke and sat on the sheets.

"Stressed again, are we not?" His lips pressed against my shoulder. "Another day of stressful pot." He grabbed the stick and pinned me under.

"Halt the surprises, I'm not young as you are," I pursed my lips preventing my smile. A phone vibrated, but I'm sure it was not mine, He sighed, "I told her I'd be home at nine."

With one hand he puts the cigar between my lips Young and muscular, he stands up and almost trips, "Shall we go, my vixen?" he smiles at me. "Go alone, I need to rest," I tried to voice tenderly.

I heard the door shut with the motel's beeper calling, "30 minutes left, are you extending?" I took another drag from my cigar's ending. When does this cycle get an ending?

Exhuming its smoke, I felt a drop on my cheek. But inside, I feel a sea of things drowning me. Less than an bulb's light made my life bleak. And who knows how to break it?

The daily routine of corporal stress will drive anyone insane, Especially if, in your job, you have no one to blame. You can take any thing: shopping, cards, even a puff of smoke To find solace in any thing; just to have some hope.

The cycle repeats, as I drown in the sea of problems And look for ways to relieve the burdens A sea of smoke is no different than married man When looking for a solace to take at hand.

Death-defying, bold, and consuming, Leaving you utterly breathless not nerve-wracking. The toxins shooting in your bloodstream and conscience? You can ignore them with a bit of trained patience.

Every one screams that it will soon choke you. Destroy your innards and turn it out But will a little slice of happiness do so? If it is the only chance of happiness, wouldn't you go?

My smoke is almost out of light, I throw it out, away from my sight. Slumped shoulders, darkened lips Do I need to care? I took another one and light it I sat alone there.

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