The Reaper's Diary
The Reaper's Diary thegrimreaper stories

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The Grim Reaper hates her job and refuses to kill her designated kid.

The Reaper's Diary

I really hate my job. I really do. I didn't ask to become the Grim Reaper, it just sort of happened and now I'm stuck with no way out.

All I remember from my death is that I was falling, and then... Nothing. I think I must have jumped from an airplane without a parachute or something, cause the next thing I know. I'm completely and utterly dead, and now I'm supposed to take care of some random ghosts.

So is that the punishment then? You kill yourself and so now you have to kill others too? That's messed up.

I mean come on. You can't expect me to just up and kill her. She's a kid for crying out loud.

All I did was having a cup of coffee at the mall when I just happened to notice her. The most adorable little kid, wearing a bright red, knitted poncho and a lady's headdress. She must have been about 7 or 8 years old, but she looked like a little old lady running around her babysitter's legs.

At least I assume it was the babysitter, cause they looked nothing alike.

As soon as I saw the girl I noticed it. The reeking smell of a terrible accident about to happen. And I was to collect her death. So of course, I had to follow her, because someone had to carry her soul out of her body.

But that's what I really hate about this job. (That I did not ask for btw). Cause I have to watch that babysitter cry himself to death for the happy little kid he was supposed to take care of.

I HATE THIS SO MUCH! COME ON! How can someone expect me to just take a healthy, happy little kid's life? That's horrible.

You know what? Nope. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not going to take her soul, and I'm not going to let her die either.

You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna take the cab-drivers soul instead. That way he can't hit the kid with his car, and then she won't die! Ha! That's brilliant! Yes! Now, where is that stupid cab?

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