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joegreen22 Community member
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Just a short story i wrote the other night on how i feel about love...

Love is?

What is love? Love is something most cling on too. Love is something most pray for if I'm being completely honest I thought I found love once but I wasn't what I thought it was.

boy was I a damn fool.

it feels like love always plays the damn fool or maybe I played love ill admit I've done some wrong but I always try to correct it the best way I could,

it didn't work out to be completely honest.

What changed you ask? I have no idea, you see maybe love is random? Maybe, love is just luck and love doesn't exist?

you want to know the exact problem I have with love, it gets people's hopes up. and sure it may last some months, some years.

But, shit what about people like me that have been let down and broken so many damn times and can't lift ourselves back up no matter how hard we try.

Meanwhile, everyone is going on about their day, how many are faking it, broken, feel worthless,

how many of you are trying to put a shattered heart of a billion pieces back to together that someone else broke or fuck it a shattered heart that you let someone else break.

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