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I just would really love feedback positive or negative.


I lived in an amazing house with three siblings

We would all play happily and never argue

Everyday mother and father would join in

Then my older brother then went off to fight someone else’s war

I lived in a content house with two siblings

We would smile and sometimes tell funny jokes

My parents said they didn’t have time to play silly games

Next my sister left to live with a man who said she was beautiful

I lived in a house with my brother

We would reminisce about the fun we once had

Father would come home drunk and mother would cry

My brother spent his last penny on a one-way ticket out

I lived in a melancholy house with my parents

I would give my father beer as he yelled at the Tv

Mother found father in bed with another woman

He left after the divorce papers were filed

I lived in an empty house with my mother

We would cry when thinking about a happier time

I would then take mother to see a therapist

Mother came home as a lifeless husk

I live alone

Gradually news started coming on the phone

brother was killed for believing in the wrong cause

sister was beaten by a stranger of a husband

brother works a nine to five job

mother died from an addiction to pills

I began to recognise the futility of life

I leave as I jump off the building where my brother works

Three years later and I recognise error in my earlier ways

I should never have given up hope

Instead I should have kept on fighting

After extensive hospital care and therapy

I would consider myself a better person

I now inspire children to not make the same mistakes

I run a local support aid for suffering children

I tell them the same message I am about to tell you

Our background is not our sob story to evoke sympathy

It is not an excuse to spread evil in this world

We cannot blame others for the pain suffered

We must be the good we want to receive

Instead of immediately turning to the appealing darkness

We must seek support to navigate our way to the light

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