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Alas, she will find happiness and love in any relationship.



Dina: Alas, she will find happiness and love in any relationship.

Aris: You think?

Dina: I know. I'm sure. Why, there is no man that will satisfy her, for she loves herself the most.

Aris: That's a shame.

Dina: I think not. I think it's marvelous.

Aris: She is Narcissus drowned in her own wellbeing.

Dina: Oh, she knows her place - just confident; and there is nothing wrong with that.

Aris: Will she not ever experience the love the other girls feel torn between money and good looks and all that?

Dina: Exactly. Love is too trivial for her. Either that, she has better things to occupy her mind.

Aris: What could possibly be more important than love?

Dina: Oh, many things, Aris. Like survival, like finding oneself, like making dreams come true.

Aris: Finally, someone who thinks! But life is boring if there are no struggles. Let's put a love spell on her!

Dina: Don't you dare!

Aris: Or... I would woo her myself. She will fall for me. I will make her mine.

Dina: I'd like to see you try.

Aris: A day. That's all it will take. Her body as well as her heart.

Dina: You're serious?!

Aris: Of course, I am! Fill my post for me a bit. I'll be right back.

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