Saudade and a bitter silence
Saudade and a bitter silence pain stories

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I don't know what to do about this...

Saudade and a bitter silence

What can I consider a bitter silence situation in my life? Oh, I have the perfect one for that particular description.

To have adored someone and still adore that someone very deeply, yet not to talk to that person is a bitter silence.

To have had my soul connect with the soul of someone, yet not to have seen that soul in years is bitter silence.

To have looked into the eyes of a person that seemed to understand every little peccadillo about me and to have be completely destroyed by those same eyes is bitter silence.

To still miss those beautiful monstrous eyes is bitter silence.

To have talked to that person about weather and academic achievements after so many soul-searching type conversations is still a bitter silence.

The silence comes from the current disconnection of our souls.

The bitterness comes from the lack of courage from both parts to say to the other "I miss you!"

Or maybe I am the only part of this bitter silence that thinks this and the other part is ready and is just trying to give me time to get ready to.

Or it really doesn't matter in the end... but the thing is, people are the only thing that will truly matter in the end.

So what is this madness and why am I still writing and not calling?

I don't know...

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