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An old essay.

Lost and found

As I was cleaning my PC, I found an old essay for an English C1 level class.I'm Portuguese, English is my second language. It was written in a time when I was still learning about society, human rights, discrimination, and all that.

We had to pretend we were writing a weekly blog that we owned and I chose a topic that led me to talk about my views on feminism.I thought I'd share it with you. I got an 95/100, so I feel pretty good about it.

Somewhere in the essay there is a little nod to Portuguese history. If you don't understand what it means or become curious about it, just ask me.

Hello again, avid readers. This week’s topic is about how the role of women and men has changed over the years.

I imagine we can all remember being a child and listening to our mothers while they tell us how lucky we are for having been born at this time in human history.

Our “luck” is due to the incredible evolution in how society portrays women.

Not long ago women weren't allowed to vote for their representatives (prior to the 25th of April Revolution) and were considered inferior to men in many areas.

The said “traditional” way of living of women was to stay at home, take care of the children, be a good neighbour and so forth.

On the other hand, men would go to work to provide for the family. Men were seen as strong, intelligent and capable.

A woman trying to be creative, to dress as she pleased and do what was considered as a men’s job was seen in a negative, very stereotypical way.

Men had their struggles as well, being sensitive or wanting to focus on their family life were seen as weak and not very masculine.

However, since those days, many happy changes have occurred regarding women and men.

The female gender is now present in the workplace, sometimes even occupying high level positions, namely being the CEO off a company or the dean of a university.

Moreover, women are increasingly more involved in politics, science, sports and all those areas that were previously considered as being for men.

Many stereotypes still exist considering men’s sensitivity, however now-a-days many man chose to stay home and be with their children while their partner is at work or even take a paternity leave to that care of a newborn.

It is clear by now that we have come a long way since the days women were housewives, but we can’t be too relaxed in terms of the ongoing fight for women’s rights.

Even in our days, men get paid more than women for doing the exact same work, the presence of men in areas previously mentioned is still, in the vast majority of cases, bigger than women’s presence.

In the end of the day,

we should appreciate and be very grateful for what our ancestors have already accomplished ...

... and commit ourselves to carry on the visionary idea that men and women must be considered as equal.

Thank you for reading! :)

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