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The power of commaful

Commaful at its best

A few days ago, @blastimus and I were talking about one of his pieces on acceptence and I thought it would be great to share our conversation with the rest of the community

I realy think this is an importante subject to talk about and in the hopes that will bring more of you lovely people forward to talk about this and other topics, I am going to transcribe our conversation.

The pictures of hay will stand for @blastimus' parts and the pictures of sunflowers will stand for my bits.

What you wrote about, I think is one of the most important moments in peoples lives.

When we realize that certain things are out of our control and we just have to accept that that's how they are and move on. Stop worrying about it.

Exactely. It took me waaaaaaay too long to understand that completely. I used to aways deny every single thing that I thought unfair, but now luckily I stopped being like that.

Totaly relate. (me contributing very little to the conversation here)

Well I'm glad you managed to leave the toxic mentality behind.

Same for you. (And again)

Was there something in particular that made you realize it was wrong to think that way or was it just sudden?

Quite gradual. Accepting that you look a certain way and were born into a certain family and that none of it is your fault or responsability.

Accepting that other people's opinions and comments say nothing about who you are and all that stuff comes quite gradualy as you grow up.

True. It took me a while to be able to look in the mirror without hesitation, so I think I get the struggle, at least to some degree. I know the strengh it took from you to get over it.

I think we're just so intoxicated by societal expectations that we actualy have to work on accepting ourselves for who we are.

In reality, kids should be thaught that they are unique and special in their own way of being, but they are not...

Yeah, it's just become so deeply seeded i the collective consciousness that beauty is a one mold thing and it's so expected for everyone to resemble that mold.

It is an especially dangerous mentality in younger people, like teens, and I already know the severe consequences of not fitting that mold.

The mental damage I've seen in some friends was terrifying for me.

And I know that everyone has to deal with this sort of stuff to be able to grow up, but now it's becoming more then a challenge, it's like a threat to peoples' lives.

To me this kind of problem just shows how we can be our own greatest enemy. This is simply people hurting each other with the way they look at the world.

Lets just hope that with time people are going to realize that they should be their own person and expectations from society should be ignored.

You, me and a lot of other people are already chaging the narrative. This is how it starts, by doing it ourselves.

I came to Commaful about a couple of weeks ago and the thing I am most impressed about this comunity is how nice and awesome everyone is.

This is realy not common and I think all of you, my fellow writers and readers, deserve a clap of hands.

My wish for the future is to have more members from Portugal, my country.

Thank you @blastimus for being so cool with me doing this.

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