Book review: Purity by Jonathan Franzen
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Book review of a disapointment

Book review: Purity by Jonathan Franzen

Very recently I gave up on a book, something I do in extremely rare occasions.

Given this uncomfortably guilty situation, I feel compelled to write about my reasons and rational for my giving up.

This particular book has a very compelling premise for young adults familiar with an university level education experience

and the potential for a great build up, considering it introduces each characters arc stories isolated from the main plot while still slowly forwarding it.

Having said this, the book lacks in character building for every single woman in it.

They have psychopathologies of severe gravity, deep emotional/sexual dependence,

and one of them is a home wrecker who abdicates of her personal achievements to take her partner's tasks so he can concentrate on writing his never-ending novel.

I became very curious about what had made this author believe that every women was unstable and unreliable.

Some research after I realised that past feuds with other female authors may have fuelled this particular book.

After knowing this, the book became to me the kind of pouty statement a five year old would make.

I hope to never feel so bordered by a book that I have to quit it again. Who am I fooling, of course I will...

Anyway, if anyone wants more book reviews, I may start something here :)

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