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What I would like to read in a story about voices.


Simon will be 23 years old in the next July, a fact he does not remember or care very much about.

At the same time I am telling you of his birthday,

he is walking home

from his new job at the shopping mall's cinema.

It's late at night

and, as a beginning of this load demands,

Simon heard his name being called from the distance,

a soft sound that only a summer breeze could produce.

He looked around from corner to corner,

inspecting a place where he was clearly the only living creature.

His trek continued, faster now, boosted by fear that he was not alone.

You see, Simon isn’t a fan of theories that involve the supernatural or anything that cannot be explained logically.

The voice was heard again, this time in a low tone grunt, paralysing him where he stood.

He asked himself ‘What the fuck?’

It was the most honest utterance that ever came out of his mouth.

He couldn’t think or do anything really, because he could not understand

how someone could be calling him after he’d looked at the street and had seen nothing.

He set his back on the wall

and looked over the entire street one more time,

but came to the same conclusion as before.

Then, with no other option in his mid, Simon called the emergency number and explained what was happening.

An ambulance was sent to where he was by the person on the other side of the call when they realized Simon would not be able to move anywhere.

The paramedics checked him out to find nothing that could explain his state. When he finally began explaining what he was experience, all he could say was

‘I can’t shut him up. Please be quite, please make him quite.’

He was driven to the hospital to psychiatry and spent the night.

He was much relieved when the doctor explained to him what was happening

for he had a confirmation that he was still living in a logical world,

even despite being told he was presenting early symptoms for a psychiatric disorder.

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