A thousand questions, not a single answer
                       A thousand 
                        not a single 
                            answer  fear stories
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joana Lost unicorn trying to be kind
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Some of my thoughts on danger.

A thousand questions, not a single answer

When you think of fear as a child, probably many of us jumped to dangerous situations or to imagined encounters with the worst villains of your favorite stories.

Maybe, if you were born into a rotten family or are being mistreated by someone, you go straight to the person or people who are hurting you.

They put your life at danger, they make you feel afraid to the point you might piss your pants. Its a natural instinct to fear that which can hurt you.

When you start venturing into the world of adulthood, however, getting involved in experiences and moments that you know will have a certain social expectation,

you start to fear that expectation, you are anxious and feel disconfort towards the possibility that you might be negatively evaluated by your peers and authority figures.

Its not actualy dangerous to your phisical wellbeing to be mocked, but if we insert here our mental wellbeing,

if we consider the impact of negative feedback to our performance in anything at all, the conversaion changes completely.

You see, taking that we, human beings, rely entirely on our consciousness to call ourselves human, shouldn't we consider that fearing inaptitude and not being good enough is adaptive?

When did going to a dinner party, or presenting you work to a class became a dangerous situation?

When did rejection started being feared?

I don't have an answer to these questions. If you do, please do share.

As a conclusion, I feel it is important to note that I do wish someone had taught me how to look in the mirror and see myself as complete despite all that I am lacking.

As I've said here before, I wish someone had taught me how to love myself.

I don't believe most children are born knowing that and, also, I don't think there is anything more important to learn than how to accept yourself and every crack made to your soul.

Where does danger truely lie?

Is it in a hooded figure running towards you with a bloody knife in hand?

Is it in all the rotten shit other people might say or think about you?

Or is it in the way you see yourself?

Finally, my friends, when was the last time your told yourself, and I mean every part of you: "I love you!"?

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