Rise of the Devil (X-Men OC Fiction)
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Evolution is a continuous process, through science we have discovered many new adaptations and mutations in nature. In recent years humanity faced its more recent discovery- Mutation.

The idea of mutation is not new to us by any means, we see it as a form of deformity, something unusual, out of the norm so to speak and we’ve always regarded it something negative. Dr. Charles Xavier’s book on mutation has recently sparked many revelations, some have embraced it, some were not fazed by it and thought he was crazy, and there were others who were apprehensive about the idea of some humans with unique and powerful mutations that can easily wipe out small cities.

Over the years the number of mutants have increased and people have been vocal about their protests and discrimination against them, and they were forced to hide. Overtime many mutants have banned together to fight against the humans and proved that they were the future of the human race. Mutants like Magneto were greatly feared due to their constant declaration of power towards the human race, then there’s Charles Xavier and the X-Men who many consider as somewhat ‘superheroes’.

Many new and powerful mutants have been appearing, whether or not they want to kill and destroy humans or help them, the point is that evolution is definitely not stopping anytime soon.

Rise of the Devil (X-Men OC Fiction)

Chapter 1 My Story

'Mutants' society calls them a threat to humanity, kids call them freaks and adults call them a mistake.

Jane Wilson was the name I was given when I was born, when my parents were overjoyed when their daughter was born, when they didn't yet know that she was a mutant,

when they still hadn't realized how hard it was to raise a family. My parents were very young and naive when they had me, they were high school sweethearts who just recently moved in together.

After a few months they were hit by reality, father dear was in so much pressure that he turned to drugs and drinking every night.

Mother on the other hand became depressed and envious of others for having a more grand and luxurious life.

Every since I can remember, they weren't exactly the best role models, but they never hit me or did anything physical but they do yell at me and blame me for their life being miserable.

Life was bearable during those times. My parents had a very deep hatred for mutants for some unknown reason, they would always discriminate them whenever they can.

Growing up in that kind of environment made me grow up faster than most kids my age. I had to learn to take care of myself since I had no one to rely on.

I discovered I was a mutant when I was around 5, it was another normal night in the house, my parents were drinking their worries away then things started getting heated,

I was in my room covering my ears wishing I could leave and disappear from there. Next thing I knew I was covered in darkness and when everything cleared I wasn't in the house anymore.

One time I was alone in the house so I decided that I want to try using my abilities again, I concentrated and decided to focus on going to the old abandoned house a few blocks away.

After a while nothing happened, I started getting impatient out of my frustration I threw my arms out and black thorn-like materials shot out to the wall in front of me, I was shocked,

and looked at my hands. I focused again and then it happened again.

By the age of 9 I could control my mutant powers of darkness/shadow manipulation, I hid my abilities from my parents since I was afraid of what they'll do to me if they find out,

for years I trained using my abilities in secret then one day we were walking by a dark alleyway when we saw a kid who had scales all over his body like a lizard, he was about my age or younger.

My parents stopped and told him he was a nuisance in society, a sore eye and a monster.

They proceeded to hit and kick him without mercy, at that point I had enough of their bullshit,

I told them to stop but they didn't listen to me so I stood in front of the kid to block him from my parents.

"Mother, father please st-" I didn't even finish my sentence when I felt a slap to my face.

"Jane get the fuck out of the way!" my father yelled then continued beating the kid.

I was so angry at then that I used my powers on them, they were both shocked that their own child was a monster, a freak of nature.

"Run!" I yelled at the kid and he quickly got on his feet and disappeared.

I felt relieved that he wasn't in danger anymore, I was cut off from my thoughts when I felt my hair being yanked by my father.

They both dragged me back to the house which was thankfully just around the corner. Father threw me inside the house and shut the door.

"You freak! Because of you our lives are shit! To top it off you're one of those freaks!" father yelled at my face.

I was never really close with my parents but hearing those words from my own parents stung a little, my mother just starred at me with hate and disgust in her eyes.

That night they locked me in my room, if it wasn't for my ability to teleport I would have starved.

One night I heard fumbling steps outside and I knew they were drunk again, I paid no attention to it when suddenly father opened the door with a beer bottle in one hand and a knife in another.

He slowly approached me, "You are not my child! You are a monster! A demon! You ruined my life!" he stated. I backed away from him realizing I was cornered.

I had my abilities but I didn't like hurting people and even though he's a worthless person, he is still my father.

I didn't use any of my abilities and just waited to see what he was about to do, all of a sudden he lunged at me which caught me off guard,

I used my arms on instinct as a way to block his attack. He was able to stab my arms, I cried out in pain and struggled to get away from him.

Even in that situation I still refused to use my abilities on him. He continued to stab on my arms and moved on to my legs, I was getting delirious due to the blood loss.

For a moment he stopped his attacked, he looked closely at me and touched my face, "Hmm, you've really grown up now haven't you Jane? You're actually quite pretty for a freak.

" he said as he caressed my face. I was starting to realize where this was going and I felt my stomach drop.

He laughed like a maniac and starred at me, "Since you're a useless piece of shit, I'll just have some fun with you."

I felt disgusted, how can he do this to his own daughter I thought as he unbuckled his belt, "Oh look, you're so good you're not even screaming or fighting.

Hehehe deep down you want it don't you? don't worry baby daddy's gonna be gentle, I'll make you feel good." he said as he pulled his pants down.

I was terrified and angry, I felt the darkness consume me, the last thing I heard was my father's scream and the word 'demon' before everything went black.

The next time I opened my eyes I was somewhere in the countryside, there were no buildings only trees and green grass.

I stood up and watched as the sun set in the distance, I only later realized that my shadow towered over me and it had dragon-like wings,

I walked over to a small pond to see my reflection but there was nothing. The wings engulfed me in a hug and strangely enough I felt it and for the first time I felt safe.

I looked back at my reflection and saw that my jet black hair grew longer and my eyes were crimson red, 'Looks like my father got one thing right' I thought.

At that moment I realized I needed to get stronger, to make sure that no one would ever make me feel weak and helpless, and I will prove to my parents that I am not a monster,

that not all mutants are enemies of humans and that we deserve the same respect and rights as everyone else.




From then on I trained endlessly and discovered that my powers wasn't just limited to darkness, and I moved from one city to another,

I helped fellow mutants and humans who happen to be in trouble. Over the years I heard people calling me names like the 'Angel of Darkness' or the 'Shadow'.

I was able to manipulate shadow matter, teleport, conjure up anything using dark energy, transform into a shadow 'demon' form,

become a literal shadow/ dark smoke/dark mist making me immune to physical attacks,

I realized that the dark energy I control is from another dimension and in this dimension there are other beings who I can communicate with and let's just say some of them took a liking in

me and we got along well over the years, they helped me train and took care of me.

Just recently I also discovered I can also control the darkness within a person, and basically influence their emotions and if their inclination to darkness is strong I can control their minds.

During one of my travels I got word about a School for mutants, a sanctuary where mutants are accepted and can learn to control their powers.

..So decided to look for this school and hopefully find acceptance.

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