Rise of the Devil (Chapter 7 pt 3)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 7 pt 3) xmen stories

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"If you're referring to the shadow people that were just there then suddenly disappeared, then yes." Scoot replied. "What were those? Was that Luci's doing? If so then she's much more powerful than she's been letting on." I stated as I readjusted the monitors.

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 7 pt 3)

"If you're referring to the shadow people that were just there then suddenly disappeared, then yes." Scott replied.

"What were those? Was that Luci's doing? If so then she's much more powerful than she's been letting on." I stated as I readjusted the monitors.

"Jean, look mist is disappearing." Scott stated as he walked to the window, I walked on over to see it and he was right, but why.

Logan then tapped my shoulder and pointed at one of the monitors, it seems that Luci made all the mist engulf the two humanoids into a shadow ball.

I was about to comment on how easily she defeated the mutants but was cut off when a bright light started blinking inside the shadow ball and not long after it exploded.

The fire mutant was able to burn its way out the ball, Luci used her shadow to create a shield for Bean and her.

When the to humanoids stood up and faced them Luci looked towards Bean who after a few seconds ran towards the opposite direction.

I could see the same shock and confused face on both Logan and Scott as we continued to watch the simulation.

When one of the humanoids tried to follow her Luci blocked its way with a giant shadow wall, then the fire mutant attacked which she easily blocked with a huge shadow hand.

The other humanoid who can stretch its limbs took this chance and rushed towards seeing as she was preoccupied with the other one.

"Luci look out!" I screamed in panic.

The elastic humanoid never landed a hit, we were as confused as they were, suddenly black smoke/mist started to appear again this time it was swarming into one location,

the fire mutant launched its attacks at it but it was useless seeing as it just passed right through.

The mist started getting thicker again, we could barely see anything from the windows and the monitors weren't showing much either.

The two humanoids stopped their attacks and were looking around them.

After a few minutes the mist started clearing and the next thing we knew the two humanoids were stabbed with large spikes, and from behind them emerged Bean.

"What just happened?" I asked, still confused.

"Didn't Bean bolt towards the opposite direction during the start of the fight? How did she get there all of a sudden." Logan asked frustrated.

"The mist was too thick, we weren't able to see anything, we can re-watch the whole simulation later, let's hope some of the cameras were able to catch something.

" I sighed then went back to focusing on the pair who started running towards the west,

all of a sudden the ground around them started shaking and out of nowhere the ground engulfed their feet as two more humanoids revealed themselves.

Luci easily used her shadow sword to slice through the rocks while Bean used the bones on her feet to penetrate through the rocks.

It seemed the remaining humanoids were able to control earth and one was a telekinetic when it suddenly choked Bean with her mind,

Luci used her power to grab the humanoid and appeared behind it ready to kill it.

All of a sudden Bean screamed which bought the humanoid enough time to escape form Luci's hold,

the earth mutant had Bean on a death grip but it seemed like it was distracted by something which gave Bean an opening to get out of its grip.

Luci was now the one in danger seeing as Bean's scream distracted her and allowed her opponent to escape and counter attack.

The humanoid was now holding her by the neck,

but instead of gasping for air her attention was on Bean the whole time and when she was sure Bean was safe she turned back her attention to her own opponent,

her crimson eyes seemed to glow not less than a second later thousands even millions of tiny spikes made of shadows stabbed the humanoid destroying it.

The look in Luci's eyes were devoid of any emotion whatsoever.

"Whew, she's pretty ruthless." Logan commented "She's a stone cold killer if you asked me." he continued.

I didn't respond but he was right, Luci was very relentless and she was also very strategic,

that plus her excellent control and fighting ability makes her a very powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. 'Hmm she's very talented I controlling her mutant powers at such a young age.'

After finishing off her enemy I expected Luci to help Bean, but she didn't, instead she just observed her. Bean was facing the last humanoid who could manipulate the earth.

Her opponent kept throwing huge boulders at her but she easily sliced through them using the skeletal blades on her arms.

I'm guessing the humanoid was getting desperate and maximized its power by throwing multiple boulders in rapid succession,

for the most part Bean was able to destroy or doge them but one caught her by surprise and was about to hit her,

thankfully Luci used her shadow blast to destroy it and allowed Bean to finish it off by decapitating it.

Scott, Logan and I stood there shocked at what we just saw.

The pair celebrated, when the siren signaled the end of simulation I told the girls to head on over to the showers and that they were free for the entire day.

"That was one of the best and fastest simulation we've seen, those two were a natural." Scott stated as he downloaded the recorded video so we could let the others see it.

"That little brat! She was clearly holding back when we fought! How dare she!" Logan complained which made Scott and I roll our eyes.

"She's still holding back now." I said as a matter of fact.

"We need to call the others and show them this." I told them as we prepared to head to the meeting room.

'Professor I think you need to see this....you all need to see this. We're heading to the meeting room now, can you tell the others to meet us there?' I asked the professor.

'Okay, we're on our way.' the professor replied.

This meeting will be very important, it has been a while since we've had promising new recruits for the X-Men,

on top of that these two have some emotional baggage with them but the good thing is that they seem to be the solution to each others problems.

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