Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 4)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 4) xmen stories

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Everything was silent which was a little unnerving, I used this moment to summon some shadows and mist making the surroundings difficult to see. I grabbed Bean and pulled her closer so I can whisper in her ears, "Bean relax even though the mist is pretty thick it's just so we have a little more protection so don't worry,

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 4)

Everything was silent which was a little unnerving, I used this moment to summon some shadows and mist making the surroundings difficult to see.

I grabbed Bean and pulled her closer so I can whisper in her ears, "Bean relax even though the mist is pretty thick it's just so we have a little more protection so don't worry,

once Beel reports back on the location of the enemy I'll remove the mist, I already assigned Sid to stand by in you shadow to help you if you need it.

" I told her and she just nodded her head and got ready.

'Luci the enemies are no longer giant robots.......their faceless humanoid mutants. They're coming from the north and west and they seem to be taking their time, there's four of them.

' Beel reported back as he materialized since the mist and smoke were thick enough to block the cameras.

"Wow, you're right about Dr. Grey increasing the simulation level.' Bean said sounding a bit worried.

"Unfortunately, but don't worry the guys and I are here so you're in capable hands." I reassured her.

'Besides Sid's with you, he's the most experienced with close combat and defensive fighting style, so you're in good hands.' Beel told her and she nodded her head.

'Amon and Miel I hope you got that, keep a look out and inform us of any incoming hostiles.' I said to them.

A few minutes had gone by and we finally see a fire forming in the north, we headed towards it and sure enough we could see Amon fighting two humanoids,

one had fire powers and the other one can stretch its limbs.

'Amon, Miel, we got it form here, distract them and when you see the fog disappear you can go back.' I told them as they nodded their heads.

I used the mist and focused them on the humanoids, all the mist disappeared and it engulfed the two humanoids.

After a while the shadow ball I created started blinking and sure enough the fire was able to destroy it.

Hmm I guess they're stronger than I thought, I guess 10% isn't gonna cut it, I guess I'll just have to up my game too.

When the two humanoids got up they faced us, 'Bean, we'll talk telepathically from this point.

' I told her and she seemed a bit surprised at first but nodded her head and turned back to the enemies.

'I'll try and distract them, when you get an opening finish them. Sid will help you hide in the shadows.' I said to her, she quickly ran back and disappeared.

One of the humanoid tried to follow her but I blocked its way with a giant shadow wall, "I don't think so." I said.

The fire mutant blasted me with its fire and I blocked it with a giant shadow hand, the other guy took this chance to charge at me, when it hit me I shadow phased and turned into black smoke.

This was getting interesting, the fire humanoid was pretty aggressive and kept firing at me which was pretty useless since it just goes right through me,

hmm since I've had my fun time to stick to the plan. As the mist started getting thicker the two humanoids started looking around, they looked confused.

'Bean now's your chance.' I told her.

A few minutes later the two humanoids were stabbed by large spikes, Bean used Sid's shadow travel and appeared behind the two humanoids.

I made the mist disappear and Bean retracted her huge spikes and the humanoids dropped to the ground and disappeared.

Bean gave me a high five which I gladly returned. "Okay, two down two more to go. Let's go." I said as we started heading towards the direction of the remaining humanoids.

As we were running the ground started shaking, 'Luci, Bean heads up, one of the humanoids can control the earth and the other can use telekinesis.' Beel said as ground grabbed our feet.

I used my shadow sword to destroy the rocks and Bean used the bones on her feet to penetrate through the rocks holding her feet.

"I guess they're stronger." I said nonchalantly.

I created a shadow platform for us to stand on, we can see the two remaining humanoids a few meters away, suddenly Bean crouched down, she was choking.

I frantically looked for the telekinetic humanoids and found it, I used the dark mist and grabbed a hold of it. It released Bean and she coughed needing some oxygen.

I shadow phased and appeared behind the humanoid, I was about to stab it when I heard Bean's scream. The humanoid escaped my hold and was able to grab me by the neck.

I could see the earth humanoid had a tight grip on Bean, but sure enough Sid was able to distract it long enough for Bean to escape which was a relief,

I turned back my attention to the one holding my neck. "Well I guess it's time to finish you off." I said as thousands of tiny shadow spikes stabbed the humanoid and it dropped to the ground.

I turned my attention towards Bean and her opponent. She was doing fairly well, the humanoid kept throwing huge boulders at her and she keeps slicing them with her skeletal sword and tail.

'She has good reflexes and enhanced speed, endurance, and strength. With more training she'll be a very powerful mutant.

' I thought to myself, as the humanoid made a giant rock wall to prevent Bean from coming closer, surprisingly enough Bean was able to slice right through it using a skeletal blade on her arm,

the humanoid was about to use another boulder to attack her but I destroyed it using a dark energy blast and she finished the fight by cutting the humanoid's head off.

Bean was a little too preoccupied with the fight that she forgot she was a few feet off the ground, after delivering the final blow she scrambled to steady herself to land on the ground,

I laughed at her antics and conjured up a giant hand to catch her. I placed her down on the ground and made my way towards her.

I haven't even gotten a word out when she suddenly rushed over to me and hugged me. I was a bit taken aback by the gesture but either way I returned the hug. "That. Was.

Awsome!" she exclaimed accompanied by exaggerated arm gestures and proceeded to tell me everything that happened.

After she finished she beamed with joy, I just sighed and smiled.

"Well it wasn't all me you know. You were pretty badass yourself, that skull mask was dope, and your moves were pretty impressive.

And I'm proud you're not holding back on your powers, you were great out there earlier and those spikes and blades were pretty cool if I say so myself.

A little more training and you're gonna be a tough little one to beat." I said to her as I patted head.

The siren started to go off and the surroundings began returning to normal. We heard a microphone tap and we turned to the control room window.

"Good job ladies, you can head on to the shower rooms and freshen up, simulation training is over and you're free for the rest of the day." Dr.

Grey said as we both headed to the elevator and headed for the showers.

I guess simulation training wasn't much but atleast I got to destroy stuff, and more importantly o got see Bean in her element,

everything I told her was a fact and if she reached her maximum potential she will be a lethal force,

her ability to create various weapons and armor with her bones accompanied by her rapid regeneration, enhanced speed, reflexes, strength and endurance will prove to be very useful in battle.

But first she needs to fully accept herself, and to not be afraid of her power or else her fear and insecurity will b e her downfall.

'Agreed, her fighting ability is advanced, it may be due to her training with Logan, or might be a result of her mutation as well.

Either way she has an advantage, her long-range attacks are also good but she need to work on her accuracy instead of just blindly firing spikes of bones.' Sid commented.

'Seeing her use her powers earlier was quite impressive, it certainly is unique and her regeneration ability is amazing,

I noticed all wounds that were caused by her protruding bones closed up immediately.' Levi added as I nodded my head.

'Overall she is a very formidable fighter, a powerful mutant, a great ally to have, a very kind and caring person and a good friend.

' Beel said and we all agreed, I smiled to myself as Bean and I changed back to our clothes and headed back upstairs to the mansion.

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