Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 3)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 3) xmen stories

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Not even 5 minutes later I heard something rattling, that when when the giant robot emerged from a huge trash mountain behind Bean which completely caught her off guard, the robot was about to hit her when suddenly a giant shadow shield appeared and blocked the attack.

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 3)

Not even 5 minutes later I heard something rattling, that when when the giant robot emerged from a huge trash mountain behind Bean which completely caught her off guard,

the robot was about to hit her when suddenly a giant shadow shield appeared and blocked the attack.

'Hiya little B! don't worry I got your back!' Amon said as he transformed back into a humanoid shadow figure.

"Amon is that you? Hi! Its nice to see you again, and thank you for the help." Bean said as she talked animatedly with Amon.

I quickly ran over to Bean and was relieved when she was safe, "Okay you two, just to remind you we're still in the middle of something so please focus we can talk later."

'Okay okay, calm down Luci, and besides the giant bot disappeared again.' Amon said as he waved to me.

"By the way Amon what were you doing in my shadow? Were you following me?" Bean asked

'Ah, Luce here asked one of us to stand by with you and Ms. Grey over there just for safety measures during the start of the simulation thing.' he said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Where's the last robot?" I asked Amon and he just shook his head causing me to groan.

"Ugh, Levi can you track the last robot so we can finish this thing." I asked, a few second later we heard a loud explosion coming from Dr. Grey's location.

'It seems Dr. Grey already found the robot for us, don't worry Miel is with her. They're 9 meters to the east.

' Levi informed us as we headed straight towards that direction, it would be a lot faster if I used my portals but I still didn't want to expose much of what I can do, atleast not yet.

When we got there the robot that Dr.

Grey was fighting was I guess the 'leader' or something since it was way more bigger and it had a lot more arsenals, it was also a tad more faster than the previous bots we fought.

"Bean you attack it from the right, I'll try to cut off it's left arm and legs.

" I said to Bean as she nodded her head and immediately ran towards the robot's right side,

she released giant shard spikes out of her arms and hands to distract the robot and used her tail to slice off its right arm.

I conjured up giant shadow hands to pull the robot's arms and legs to stop it form squirming under Dr. Grey's hold. When its limbs were removed Dr.

Grey finished the job by crushing it and throwing it a few meters away. She then motioned for us to come towards her.

"That was....honestly the best simulation that I've had with a group of students by far. Not to mention the fastest.

It seems you both have great control over your powers as far as I can see and your teamwork was very impressive." Dr.

Grey said as she smiled proudly at us, Bean turned to me with wide and excited eyes, and I just returned it with a tight lipped smile and a nod.

I'm still working on showing more emotions and stuff so that's the best I could do for now.

The siren goes off signaling the end of the simulation, the garbage and all the destruction we caused slowly disappeared and replaced by white screen, the elevator door opened.

"Dr. Grey can we run another simulation? But this time can you not participate?" I asked her bluntly, she looked at me like I was insane, and so did Bean.

"What are you saying? You're new to this and a simulation cannot run without supervision." she said sternly, she's getting frustrated again.

"As you can see, we can handle ourselves, and to be honest that simulation was fairly easy, and after yesterday I've been itching to hit something.

So if you don't want me hitting some poor student who's just unlucky to be the one to get on my nerves, I'd appreciate it if you would just run the simulation again....please.

" I said to her, she was about to object again but she stopped herself and just sighed loudly.

"Okay, just be careful, Bean let's go." she said as she walked towards the elevator, but Bean didn't follow her. "Bean are you not coming?" she asked.

"I-I'm sorry Dr. Grey, but Luci's my partner and friend, I want to join her." she said quietly.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Dr. Grey asked.

"Yes Dr. Grey." Bean answered more confidently, Dr. Grey just sighed again and looked towards me, "Okay, Be careful you two, Luci be sure to look out for her and work together.

" she said as she closed the elevator doors closed and we both nodded our heads.

I looked towards Bean, "You could've left you know, I could handle this." I said to her with a hint of guilt.

"Oh I know you're more than capable of defeating whatever they throw at you but like I said we're partners and you're like my best friend so I'm not gonna leave you." she said cheerfully.

I just sighed and smiled at her.

"Okay...well you're my only friend too so...." I said to her a bit embarrassed.

She just laughed and gave me huge thumbs up. "Okay, miss Reaper I suggest you gear up, I'm willing to bet Dr. Grey's gonna increase the difficulty of this simulation." I told her.

She just nodded her head still with the huge smile on her face. I don't really understand how she doesn't get tired of smiling all the time.

Bones started protruding out, unlike earlier where she only limited it to her torso,

now she's letting her arms to be completely covered in spikes of bone and her head was covered with a skull mask.

I whistled at her transformation even though she's still limiting it she still looked way cooler than earlier, "I like the skull mask, super badass.

" I told her as I gave her a thumbs up, which made her jump and laugh which so out of character for her appearance at the moment.

The siren sounded off and the room started to change into what seemed to be a ruined city of sorts, 'Beel can you scan the area, find the enemies and report back after, thanks.

Sid can you stand by with Bean, Miel and Amon can you guard the perimeter and attack anything that moves, but make it as subtle as possible or if its heading this way alert us right away.

Levi can you locate the cameras in case we might need to cover them up later. Hahah this is gonna be fun its been a while since we all worked together in a fight.' I said to them

'Hehehe...This is gonna be awsomeee~' Amon said enthusiastically

'Roger Luci.' Beel said as I saw him leave in a subtle shadow form.

'We're already in position here Luci, so far we don't detect any movement.' Miel reported.

'Luci I've already found all 15 cameras in the room.' Levi announced.

'Okay, let's get ready boys be alert.' I said to them.

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