Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 2)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 2) xmen stories

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The simulation dragged on for what seemed like eternity, and finally we heard a siren sound which signaled that the simulation was finished, Logan and Mr. Summers did most of the damage for the most part and I have to admit the blonde haired douche actually did okay but he still had a long way to go,

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 6 pt 2)

The simulation dragged on for what seemed like eternity, and finally we heard a siren sound which signaled that the simulation was finished, Logan and Mr.

Summers did most of the damage for the most part and I have to admit the blonde haired douche actually did okay but he still had a long way to go,

and the supersonic chic was actually very skilled in close combat, but overall if it wasn't for the instructors they all would've died to be honest.

"Okay, we're up. Lets head on down and meet the others." Dr. Grey said and we followed her to an elevator down to the simulation room, once the elevator room opened we met with the other group.

They looked like shit, one of the students were limping, Logan looked fairly disappointed and the so did the group.

I assumed Logan lectured them about stuff they did wrong and things they could improve on.

"Well that went fairly well?" Dr. Grey said as she approached Logan and Mr. Summers who just sighed. "Yeah, right. Well you're next, lets see how you do with your little group here.

" Logan said, a little more hopeful to her as he walked towards the elevator.

The other students followed him and as they got past Dr. Grey they saw us, "Oh lookie here, it's the demon and her side kick.

" the blonde haired asshole said as he walked towards us, the other students started laughing along.

"What are you gonna do? Scare the enemy away huh? And you, can you even control you power properly you freak?" he added as he walked closer.

"Don't start crying on us now." Alice's groupie said.

I could feel Bean start to shake beside me and her eyes were shut, shadows started forming around me, "You tw-"

"Jason stop, where the hell do you get the guts to insult someone when you just got you ass kicked. If your smart shut the fuck up and walk upstairs. That goes for all of you.

I can tell you right now that every one of you is nowhere near her skill and ability. So if you know what's good for you don't even try to piss her off.

" Logan said as he cut-off the blond asshole. The others became silent and bowed their heads in embarrassment.

Wow I never knew Logan would defend me, I guess he was exhausted and was sick of the insults,

I would be too if I just got me ass kicked and was tired from protecting inexperienced and stupid young mutants who didn't know what they were doing.

We were all silent as the other group headed upstairs to the control room. We made our way to the center of the room. "Attack positions, prepare yourselves." Dr.

Grey said as we all took our positions.

Bean started to transform into her natural form, but only limited to her shoulders,back and her tail,

she seemed a little unsure so I patted her shoulder and gave her a nod and she smiled and prepared. I summoned a shadow sword as a siren started going off and the room started to change.

The screens started to change into a dump site, anticipation and waiting wasn't really my thing so as soon as the simulation started I asked Sid to patrol the area,

while we stayed put in our position.

'Luci, a giant robot is 12 meters away, another one is hidden underneath a huge dump 4 blocks to the right and one just in front of you but is not making any moves at the moment,

3 and coming towards your group and will arrive at around 5 minutes.' he reported back.

'Thank you, you guys stand by and be ready, one of you stay with Bean and one with Dr. Grey even though I doubt she needs any help but still just stand by.' I said to them.

Since Sid said the robots would arrive around 5 minutes I still had time to destroy the one in front of me, so I summoned a giant hand and grabbed the bot under the dump,

it emerged and I used the shadow sword to slice its upper torso clean off with a straight face, when I turned back to face the others their faces were priceless.

Dr. Grey and Bean were to say the least, Bean's eyes were so wide I was worried they'd pop out or something. "How did you know it was there?" Dr.

Grey asked, I shrugged at her, I don't really wanna share to her or any of the instructors the extent of my powers, yet.

"Heads up, three robots are coming this way in 2-3 minutes.

Bean you can stand on top of that trash mountain and use a sword or spike to attack the robot since they'll be coming from this way so you're gonna be on their blind spot.

" I told Bean who stared at me for a few second before nodding her head and climbed on top.

True enough after a few seconds we could hear giant footsteps coming towards us.

Bean plucked out a giant bone from her shoulder and used it to stab the bot on her side, she was actually quite agile and she seemed experienced with fighting.

I conjured up two giant sword and sliced the middle robot's arms, and Bean jumped from her robot towards the middle one and stabbed it's head.

I used my shadows for Bean to step on as the bot starts to fall down. I brought her back towards the group, Dr. Grey handled the third one and tore it apart with her telekinesis.

"That's it? I was expecting a bigger challenge to be honest with you." I said as the swords disappeared, and walked towards the other bots.

"By the way Bean that was some pretty impressive moves back there." I told Bean as she trailed behind me.

She looked a little embarrassed, "Yeah well....I used to train a lot since I didn't really have friends to hang out with and Mr.

Logan and I trained a couple of times in simulation so I guess I had a little practice." she said. I nodded my head and we continued to walk.

"Dr. Grey we're heading towards the bot 3 blocks from here, there's another one about 12 meters away from here." I said to Dr.

Grey who shook her head and used her telekinesis to grab Bean and I and brought us back towards her.

"No, we stick together, and work as a team to finish the task." she said, 'Seriously she's starting to get on my nerves.' I though to myself.

'Now Luci, behave you promised not to cause trouble today.' Levi said which caused me to groan. 'She's so bossy, its pretty annoying. But fine.' I said to him.

I nodded my head towards Dr. Grey and just followed her nonchalantly.

As we were walking I took the time to appreciate how real the simulation looked like, "We're here, Luci where's the robot?" Dr.

Grey asked, as she looked around the mountains of dump, I pointed my hand towards one of the dumps and she raised her brow, obviously not believing me.

"It's underneath all that trash." I said to her, she used her telekinetic powers to remove all the trash and sure enough there it was. It was thrashing around and Dr.

Grey seemed to struggling in holding it so I used my shadows to hold it down and nod my head to Bean, telling her to finish it of.

She understood and went towards the robot and grew huge spikes made of bone in her arms and slashed the robot's torso and finally took its head off just to be sure.

She went back towards us and headed over to the last robot.

When we arrived towards the location of the last bot it wasn't there, I guess they're not as stupid as I thought. we raised our guards up and started walking, trying to look for it.

"Okay, lets split up and try to find it. Keep your guards up and be careful." Dr. Grey said as went in different directions.

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