Rise of the Devil (Chapter 5 pt 1)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 5 pt 1) xmen stories

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The halls were empty since afternoon classes were ongoing, I saw the professor's back when I arrived at the balcony. "Luci, glad you can make it." the professor said with a smile on his face as he faced me. I shrugged, "I didn't really have a choice."

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 5 pt 1)

The halls were empty since afternoon classes were ongoing, I saw the professor's back when I arrived at the balcony.

"Luci, glad you can make it." the professor said with a smile on his face as he faced me. I shrugged, "I didn't really have a choice."

"I'm not here to lecture you about what happened, and even if I did I know you wouldn't really care since you clearly made up your mind about it.

" I just nodded my head not even facing him as he talked.

"I just wanted to say sorry in behalf of Alice and the other students and for the lack of discipline here, it gets hectic at times and even though we are mutants,

we're still humans and we're not perfect." he continued.

"I also wanted to thank you." I finally turned to him, since I was confused as to what he was thanking me for.

"Thank you for being a friend to Bean. That child's been here for almost six months....I assume you know what her mutation?" he asked. I nodded my head.

"Her parents abandoned her when her mutation developed, they couldn't accept it. But that didn't stop her cheerful and optimistic personality.

When she first came here she didn't really know how to control her powers or what it was exactly, her obvious mutation was rapid bone growth,

accelerated regeneration and and extremely fast metabolism. The problem was that her mutation manifested physically which caused the other students to be afraid of her.

During her first few weeks here I've received complaints from students being scared of her or having nightmares because of her.

They started isolating her and one day she decided to approach Hank for a similar serum which can suppress her powers physically....."

"Hank managed to create a specific serum for her which allows her to suppress just enough so that it doesn't manifest itself physically but during a limited amount of time only.

Without the serum naturally her accelerated bone growth creates some sort of skeletal armor, in order to suppress her powers it requires energy which can cause her to feel weak easily.

" he said as I slowly felt bad for Bean and my anger towards Alice grew. 'I should have scared her more earlier, she totally deserved it.' I thought to myself.

There was a few minutes of silence between us which was starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

"But the thing that truly amazed me was that despite everything that's happening to her or has happened to her....

she still chooses to see the best in everybody, she never complained once about the bullying,

she always smiled to the other students and greeted them cheerfully even though she knows they're scared of her or that she talked behind her back....she truly is a very strong young girl.

" the professor finished as he finally faced me.

I just stared at him for a while taking in everything he said, he was right about Bean,

I can't imagine the pain she'd had gone through but yet she still manages to see the goodness in everything. I know I could never do that.

I sighed as I closed my eyes, "You're right professor, she is indeed a very strong girl." I finally said as I opened my eyes and gave him a small smile.

The professor gave a smile of his own, nodded his head and slowly made his way back inside. I chose to stay, "Thank you for telling me professor.

Don't worry I promise to be her friend and be there for her." I said to him making sure he was near enough to hear it. "I know you will Luci." he said and disappeared back into the mansion.

I stayed at the balcony looking at the changing colors of the sky, I summoned my wings and flew to the location where I trained last night.

It was already too late to attend any of my remaining classes and to be honest I didn't really care much for it, all I'm interested in was the training.

When I landed I immediately look for a fairly large tree to sit under, once I found one I laid down and start replaying what the events that happened and what the professor said,

the shadow figures start manifesting some leaned on the tree, others sat down beside me. 'So much for staying low and being a loner, huh Luci?' one of them chimed and the others laugh.

"Don't even start with me." I replied closing my eyes.

'Its only your first full day in this place and already you've made enemies, scared a group of students, made a friend, got bullied, showed your demon form,

got in trouble and your already cutting classes.' the one leaning on the tree said.

'That's a record for you! Its the most drama you've experienced in a while.' another one sitting beside me continued.

I groaned.

They were right though, "And this is why I don't like associating myself with people, they make so much fuss over stupid and mundane things and I especially can't stand their stupidity.

Its nauseating." I said as I opened my eyes and look up to the clouds.

'We like her.' one suddenly said and I faced him confused.

'Your friend Bean.' he added.

'He's right, she's very interesting, always so cheerful and happy, so positive about everything. Someone totally opposite from you, which we think is good for you.

' the one laying down said, I just rolled my eyes at him and the others snickered at me.

'Like we said before, you need to have friends who are not shadows, to help you lighten up.'

"You know that's pretty ironic right, besides I control shadows and darkness I should detest light should I not?" I said which I know its stupid but I just don't want to lose the argument.

They just groaned and laughed at me knowing that they won, 'You know that's not what we meant and besides we know you're starting to warm up to her as well.

Don't even try to deny it, if you really didn't really care you wouldn't have let her tag along, you wouldn't have shown her your abilities,

you wouldn't have defended her from those students and the staff and you wouldn't have promised earlier.' I was about to object but he was able to cut me off before I even opened my mouth.

He was right, I do care about her. "I guess I see a little bit of myself in her, people being scared of her. I wanted to giver her what no one gave me, acceptance.

I want to her to feel like she belongs somewhere. Granted I'm not the best company but atleast its something." I said finally giving in and admitting it.

'We're proud of you, you're actually opening up to someone!'

'Hey! What are you talking about, you're great company.'

'Yeah! You might not look like it but you're nice, kind and your selfless.'

'Besides I think she really enjoys your company, she's happy to finally find someone who accepts her and is not afraid of her.'

'You can deny every good thing we say about you and you might fool people into thinking you're this badass, emotionless killer/demon but you can't fool us.

We see everything you do and feel what you feel to some degree so there. You Luci Morningstar are a good person so suck it up.'

They said as they start gathering around me, they might be annoying and pretty loud at times but they're who I consider as my family.

I gave them a genuine smile and propped up my arms so I can sit down and lean on the tree.

"Thanks guys. You might be annoying as hell not to mention nosy but still you're family and I appreciate everything you've said and done over the years.

" I admit and I could see some where giving me thumbs up while others were being oh so dramatic and wiping a non existent tear which made me roll my eyes.

"Okay, okay don't go all emotional on me now. C'mon lets head back I wanna grab some food before it gets too crowded and want to sleep." I say as I start getting up.

'And you're gonna check up on her aren't you.' one of the shadow figures said.

I shrugged and sighed "Yeah, that too I guess." I could see they were trying to hide their laughter, "Whatever, let's just go.

" they all stood up and did a salute and said 'Yes ma'am' the started disappearing back into my shadow.

I made a portal to the kitchen and thankfully there were still very few people there at the moment, I took a couple of sandwiches, a juice box and a soda then made another portal back to my room.

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