Rise of the Devil (Chapter 4 pt. 2)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 4 pt. 2) xmen stories

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"Wh-What? " she asked as she also stopped beside me, then I heard some of the kids form the commotion earlier whispering in a corner, 'Seriously!

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 4 pt. 2)


" she asked as she also stopped beside me, then I heard some of the kids form the commotion earlier whispering in a corner, 'Seriously!

This is why I hate associating with idiots and useless people.

' they were saying stuff like ' I thought as I motioned Bean to follow me to a corner, I made a small portal to some big tree somewhere in the huge estate.

She was a bit reluctant and amazed by it so I stepped in first and grabbed her hand to guide her through.

"Wow! That is so cool!" she exclaimed as she watched as the portal faded into black smoke that absorbed into my shadow. I shrugged at her reaction.

"Don't just shrug at me! Your powers are so cool! The coolest by far, even cooler that Storm's powers!" she continued to talk in awe.

I raised my brows at her statement, I mean I've never really heard people say my powers were amazing or cool. The people who see it are mostly frozen in fear or scared shitless. "Umm...

Thanks I guess?

I never really had anybody say my powers were cool most are terrified of it and honestly I don't blame them, which proves my point that I'm not really good company,

I'm sure you'll find more good people to be friends with and hang around with other than me." I said as I turned around and walk away from her.

'It's for the best, besides I know I don't deserve someone like her as a friend.

' I thought to myself as I sigh, I was about to tell her to get back first when all of a sudden I heard a sob and I felt someone tugging on my sweatshirt.

It was Bean and and she was holding on to my shirt and shaking her head, "N-No, you don't understand. Ever since I got her a few months ago I had a hard time making friends.

Alice decided to pick on me since I was one of the new kids so no one really wanted to be around me since they were scared of being bullied by Alice and her gang.

Over time the other kids also started bullying me and from then on I just accepted the fact that I was gonna be alone here....that is until you came along." she said as she stared at me.

I nodded my head as if to tell her to continue what she was saying, she looked to the ground as if embarrassed of what she was about to say,

"Before I went here in my old school I was treated as an outcast because people knew I was a mutant and it didn't help that my mutation physically manifested...

they bullied me and my parents were ashamed of me and they didn't hide it.

That's why when I ran away and went here I was glad since I thought I could finally feel that I belonged considering everyone here were mutants." she continued.

As she said that I don't actually know what her mutation is, I mean if it did manifest physically she seemed normal? So I was a bit confused.

"At first everything was fine, the professor and the other instructors were really nice but after a while the other kids started teasing me about how I look and stuff-" I cut her off, "Wait,

sorry to cut you off but what exactly is your mutation? I mean you look normal to me?" I asked confused.

She raised her head and looked at me little hesitant, then looked at the surroundings as if making sure there was no one else around.

She slowly looked at me with fear in her eyes, I sighed "It's okay, I've seen my fair share of mutations, whatever it is it won't change the way I think about you.

" I said offering her a small tight lipped smile.

She took a deep breath and told me to stand back, I was a little curious as to what her mutation is for Alice to call her a 'monster'.

I stood back and slowly I see white spikes coming out of her, surrounding her, upon closer inspection I realized they were actually bones?

It was engulfing her, there were various spikes on her back some bigger ones on her shoulder, she also has a skeletal tail and her face was covered in a sort of skull mask.

After a few minutes she finally raised her head, and I guess she was expecting me to run and scream out of fear but when she saw my reaction her jaw dropped.

I was smiling like at her, taking in her new appearance. I clapped my hands and her expression looked more confused than ever.

"So this is what your mutation is." I said as I started approach her, I stopped right in front of her and crouched down so we were on the same eye level.

I genuine smiled appeared on me face as I watched her, "To be honest your mutation looks cool and badass, I mean I can see why other people would be sacred but not me." I say to her.

She stared at me as if I grew another head or something, "I've been around and I've seen worse mutations, people should understand that we don't choose what mutations,

fellow mutants should especially understand this, looks are not everything, they should try to get to know you for who you are not what you look like." I said as I put my hand on her shoulder.

She continued to stare at me and after a while she started to cry, 'Shit! What the fuck do I do? Did I say something wrong? Should I apologize to her?

' I thought as I frantically tried to figure out what's happening.

"H-hey you okay? Did I say something wrong?

I'm so-" I was cut off when she lunged herself at me, I could feel some of the bones but they weren't piercing me or anything so I didn't say anything. "T-Thank y-you....

" she managed to say in between sobs and laughter.

I pulled away and patted her head, "I'm assuming you asked Prof.

Hank for some of the serum he's using to look 'normal'? I guess its better that way but in my opinion you look okay just the way you are.

" I say as she started to turn back to her normal appearance.

She nodded her head when she finished, "But you have to admit though that for someone who has that type of mutation, its pretty ironic that you have a very cheerful and optimistic personality.

One would expect you be the loner type or something." I said as we started heading back to the mansion.

She just laughed at my comment, "Yeah well, I was always like that ever since I was a child.

Before my mutation started showing I was a pretty social child I loved helping others, making them happy, me and my parents would always go on picnics and the beach,

I guess you could say I had a pretty good childhood but everything changed when I started junior high." she said as she looked to her feet.

I sighed, I'm happy she atleast had the chance to enjoy her childhood. When we were nearing the huge mansion Bean suddenly stopped and told me that we needed to go to the professor's office.

I figured the professor told her telepathically so I just shrugged and we headed to the end of the hall.

We passed by a some student who were whispering and some stared at us as some with fear in their eyes others with disgust. I ignored them as usual and just walked faster.

When we entered the office we saw the Professor along with Prof. Hank, Dr. Jean, Logan, Ms. Monroe, and Mr. Summers. I think I have an idea why they were there.

I could tell Bean was scared, I guess she wasn't the rebellious type an wasn't used to getting into trouble.

"It was my fault, in the classroom and it was my idea that we skip afternoon classes.

" I said straight to the point to get this over with since I was tired and I just want to get this over with and sleep.

They all looked to me, the professor had small smile on his face, Logan had his arrogant smirk and the others had serious expressions.

"Very well. Bean you can go now.

" the professor said as he looked at her and nodded his head, "B-But it was also my fault! She was just helping me-" she was cut off then she suddenly nodded her head "Yes, thank you professor.

" she said with a smile and turned to look at me, "I'll see you later at dinner Luci." she said as she made her way out.

" I'm a bit confused at what just happened so the professor decided to enlighten me. "Don't worry I told her you weren't in any trouble and that we just wanted to discuss some things.

" I nodded my head and sat down on one of the leather chairs in front of the professor's desk.

"Okay? So what am I really doing here?" I asked after an awkward silence. Dr. Jean stepped up "We heard some student talking about something that happened in Prof. Hank's class earlier.

" she said with one eyebrow raised. I shrugged not really caring.

I could see she was getting annoyed and Logan was just snickering in the corner.

The computer to my right turned on and a CCTV footage of what happened with Alice earlier played, 'Ha! Look at their faces! That's so funny!

' one of shadow figures commented, I suppressed a smirk, 'I know, she looked so pale after that little show I did.' I replied and I could hear them laughing.

After watching that clip I looked back at them with no reaction, I can see some of them were getting irritated which just made me smirk on the inside.

"I was only saying the truth, and besides she was going too far.

You're the staff here right? Isn't this a school? Shouldn't you be doing something about this? As a matter of fact this shouldn't even be allowed here.

I thought this was a safe place for mutants, but I guess even here this kind of stuff is present.

" I said as I started getting up from the chair to intimidate them more, which was working since I could see Dr. Jean was already leaning on the desk and Mr. Summers was already on alert mode.

"Granted that it's disappointing that these kinds of acts are still present here but you should have reported it to one of us so we could have acted accordingly.

You knew using your powers outside training or without permission or supervision is not allowed." she stated.

I just looked at her with a blank expression and then turned to the professor, who just stared at me.

I shrugged and turned my back to them and started walking towards the door, I stopped after a few steps, "Just tell me what my punishment is or whatever.

If there's nothing else I'd like to go this is a waste of time." I said as looked back at the professor." he didn't say anything so I continued to walk towards the exit.

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