Rise of the Devil (Chapter 3 pt.2)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 3 pt.2) xmen stories

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Another time was when I got into a small fight a few weeks after running away from my parents. I was dumpster diving for some food when a group of kids ganged up on me,

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 3 pt.2)

Another time was when I got into a small fight a few weeks after running away from my parents.

I was dumpster diving for some food when a group of kids ganged up on me,

at that time I didn't really know how to control my powers yet and I haven't really discovered the limits of my powers yet.

I sat down and hugged my knees to prevent them from hurting me more, after a few minutes they stopped attacking me then I heard screams,

when I looked up to see what was happening I saw a tall shadow figure towering over me, for some reason I wasn't scared, I actually felt safe.

It bent down to my level and held out its hands for me, I took it and it helped me up. He gave me some food, patted my head and disappeared.

After that these shadow figures have become my family, they made me feel accepted and they gave me more attention and care than my parents ever did.

They usually come when I summon them but they can appear on their own from time to time especially since they're pretty protective over me.

They're like older brothers but cooler since they're made of shadows, can fight, and not annoying.

A few rounds later we decided it was time to head back, the shadow figures disappeared one by one after saying their goodbyes,

I headed back to the mansion and went to my room through the window. By this time it was around 5 in the morning, I took a quick shower and came out wearing some boxer shorts and a sport's bra.

I don't know if I should catch some sleep or just wait till classes start. I played with some shadows and played some darts in my room.

After a while I got bored and finally let sleep take over.




I woke up to the sun's bright light from across the window, I got up and stretched, I looked around for what clothes to wear, not that I had a lot to begin with.

At the moment the only clothes I have were five black hoodies, three black long-sleeved shirts, 4 black sweatshirts, two white sweatshirts and half a dozen black jeans.

The only shoes I have are the black converse and a pair of black boots.

'I never really had any fashion sense and I never cared so I stick to what I know which is black, besides its simple and not a lot of stuff can ruin it so its pretty easy clean.

' I settled with a black sweatshirt, jeans and my converse. I used the window since based on the sounds outside my door I'm guessing most of the kids were already out and about.

I flew to the nearest tree and just hung out there till it was time for classes to begin, which was in a a few minutes.

I played with some shadows and just minding my own business when all of a sudden I could see a sharp knife heading towards me, I leaned back a bit to avoid it and a shadow hand grabbed it.

"Well look what we have here boys." I heard someone say from below the tree. 'Sigh..even in places like these idiots are still present.' I thought annoyed.

I tried to block them out and ignore them since I really didn't wanna get in trouble on the first day of classes but they were really testing my patience.

"Hey! You deaf or what?!" someone yelled again. When I finally glanced at them they smirked.

There were 4 of them; one had blonde hair and blue eyes, another had black hair and green eyes, one with tan skin,

brown hair and brown eyes and the last one had a dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. They were all well-built and they looked to be around 16-18 year old teenagers.

The smug and arrogant look on their faces really pissed me off.

"So you're the new girl, I gotta say you don't look half bad." the blonde one said as he came closer to the tree.

I went back to ignoring them since I don't have time for stupidity especially this early on in the day.

"Hey! We're talking to you! Don't just ignore us girlie." the brown haired guy yelled. They were really getting on my nerves and I can tell the shadow figures were also getting annoyed.

'Luciiii~...can we rip one of them up?...They are getting annoying.' one of the shadow figures said. I smirked, 'Hmm, I can agree that it is a pretty tempting offer fellas.......

but~ I don't really want to get kicked out here so let's all behave alright guys.' 'Fine, but can we scare them off'?' I looked at the group and smirked, 'Fine, but I have a better idea.

' I said as I flew down and landed a few meters away from them.

"You don't really wanna get involved with me boys." I said as they all looked at me with their smug faces.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do huh? There's four of us and besides we just wanna have some fun. We're like your welcoming committee." The blonde one replied again.

"Have you not seen yesterday's fight?" I said, "Oh we have, but then again there's four of us and we can easily take you down." the black haired one replied.

They're cockiness was nauseating to say the least, "Are you boys afraid of the dark?" I asked them, they just laughed at me, I slowly summon some shadows 'This is gonna be fun.

It's been a while since I've used this form.' I thought to myself.

After wiping non-existent tears form their eyes one of them replied, "Are you serious? Besides is anyone even afraid of the dark anymore besides little kids." the tan one said.

"I suppose, then let me ask you one last question." I replied eyes still hidden, "Sure babe, and maybe after this we can go have some fun." one of them replied.

I slowly let the darkness manifest around me and engulf me and I start to summon shadow figures.

"Are you afraid of the devil?" I asked in a distorted voice that comes with this form.

I rarely use this form which I like to call my 'Demon Form' I only use it when I go all out or when I want some extra protection and and strength in a fight.

It allows me to blend with the shadows, making most attacks useless. In this form I look like a giant shadow demon complete with devil wings and and a huge menacing grin.

It's a nice way to scare off enemies and in this occasion cocky little boys. To top it all off I summoned my shadow figures for some extra fear factor.

The look on the guys faces were priceless, they ran and screamed when they saw my towering figure. When they were far enough I changed back to normal and laughed.

'I have to say, you're idea was splendid. That was the most fun we've had in a while.

' one of the shadow figures said as we walked back to the mansion, 'It's almost time or you first class Luci, we'll be going now. Call us anytime. Have a nice day Luci.

' they said as they slowly vanished into my dark shadow.

Needless to say word of what happened got out pretty quickly judging by the terrified looks I got from everyone. I could hear murmurs like 'Look it's 'her', the shadow girl.

' or 'It's the demon girl, we better not mess with her.

' quite frankly I was glad since I don't have to associate to anyone, I smirked at them to scare them off a bit more and continued walking to my first class.

Classes haven't even started yet and I'm already drained, I have a bad feeling about this day.

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