Rise of the Devil (Chapter 2)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 2) xmen stories

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Italics- thoughts (telepathic) Bold- Shadow beings

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 2)

Italics- thoughts (telepathic)

Bold- Shadow beings

Luci's POV

I've been flying nonstop for 3 days and I wasn't really sure what I'm looking for,

I don exactly know what the school looked like and at this point all I'm seeing are trees and a huge mansion in the distance 'That's the school I guess,

I mean it is the only building for miles' I thought as I made my way towards the old looking mansion.

I was about to dive down when all of a sudden I see dark clouds approaching, and thunder in the background which was weird since it was sunny just a second ago.

I ignored it and continued going down when suddenly a gust of tornado shot at me and a woman with white hair and white eyes?

"Stop! Who are you and what's your intention here." she said sternly.

'Oh I guess she can control the weather or something' I thought to myself as I raised my hands to signal her that I wasn't a threat.

She nodded her head and we both slowly descended in front of the mansion, the dark clouds parted and her eyes turned to normal.

As I looked around there a handful of people around us, one that stood out in particular was a bald guy in a wheel chair.

"Hello, welcome to Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." he said with a smile on his face.

I remained silent since I don't really know what to say, I mean should I introduce myself as Jane Wilson?

Personally that name died the night my father attacked me, as far as I know that scared little girl was long gone.

'It's alright, you can come up with a new name for yourself, a new beginning.' a voice in my head interrupted my thoughts.

I was confused as to whose voice it was then I heard it speak again, 'My name's Professor Charles Xavier, and yes I am speaking to you through your mind.

I am just like you, I am a telepath and my mutation allows read peoples minds and speak to them.' he explained. I calmed myself and took a deep breath.

"My name's Luci Morningstar, and I came here to enroll in your school for mutants." I said as my face remained devoid of emotion as usual.

The windows in front of the mansion were crowded with kids and teenagers looking at me and other than the professor there were about 5 other people; a well built guy that had hair

that looked like horns and a lot of hair on his face, a guy with some type of sunglasses on, and one other guy that looked really nerdy with the glasses,

then there's the white haired woman with the weather powers and the last was a woman with red hair.

Based on their aura's I can sense they're pretty powerful and experienced mutants especially the professor and the red haired one.

"Splendid! Nice to meet you Luci we are the instructors here and we are also the X-Men. This is Logan, Scott, Hank, Storm and that their is Jean.

In behalf of everyone here I welcome you to the School for Gifted Youngsters. Come, let's head into my office to finalize you enrollment and talk more about the details.

" Charles said as he lead me inside the mansion.

The others also made their way inside the huge building, once inside we separated ways with the others who proceeded to get back to their classes I guess,

except for the Logan guy who continued to walk with us. I caught a few stares from other kids passing by which didn't really bother me, with red eyes like mine I'm used to people starring.

We made our way to an office at the end of the building.

"Okay Luci, once again welcome, as I said I am a telepath and I can access your mi-" I cut him off since I already know what he was about to say.

"I don't really care if you read or access my mind, I'll still tell you my story. I doesn't really bother me either way..

" I don't know if the professor was relieved or worried at my response, so I proceeded to tell them about what happened to me.

"Whew..you've got a pretty fucked up parents kid, I feel for you." Logan said after he finished hearing my story. "Yes, I'm truly sorry for what you've gone through Luci.

No parent should treat their child the way your parents did." the professor said as took out a piece of paper.

"These are some of the paperwork you need to enroll here, and you can also choose your classes if you want. By the way if you don't mind me asking but what exactly is your power." asked Charles.

"I thought you already red my mind professor, as I said I don't really care if you do." I said bluntly.

"Yes well I'd much rather you tell me yourself for Logan's sake as well since he's also in charge of you're training in combat.

" I just shrugged my shoulders and told them I had the ability to control darkness or shadows.

"That's a first, we've had people who can control ice, water, fire, weather, even metal. But we've never knew of anyone who could control light or darkness before.

" Logan said as he smirked towards me. To be honest I felt like some kind of collectible item when he said that but I didn't let it show.

"He didn't mean it in a negative way Luci, he's just excited to train with a new opponent." Charles said trying to defend him.

I looked at Charles then Logan with an emotionless expression and shrugged my shoulders, "Well if he wants we can fight right now,

I don't really want to start lessons right away nor do I have any stuff to put away in my room." I said to them.

"So the only stuff you have are what you're wearing at the moment?" Logan said as he looked at me form head to toe.

At the the moment I was wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, and black converse.

'I'm sticking to my dark/shadow theme I know, I like black its simple and its my favorite color since before my abilities kicked in so.' I thought to myself.

I saw the look on their faces and before they could say anything I defended myself. "I shower and change everyday, I'm not a slob. I get my clothes from forgotten stuff in the laundry shops.

I don't steal unless really necessary and before you ask I do some freelance jobs to buy necessities." Logan looked a bit skeptical "You don't even have a small bag on you kid."

I looked at him annoyed with all the questions, a small black hole appeared beside me and I reached out to get a duffle bag and quickly put it back in.

"I store the little things I have in some sort of other dimension within my shadows."

Logan looked to the professor as if asking for permission for the duel.

The Logan dude looked like a wild animal to be honest and he was pretty excited about this fight, the professor just sighed and said 'Very well, we'll have it at the back.

" the professor said as he led the way to the back. I guess he told the others about the fight since I could see the other kids following us as well.

"Do you think this is a good idea? You know how Logan can be when he's excited, what if he goes overboard like last time?

" Storm whispered to the professor, who just nodded his head to reassure her.

I also heard loud cheers and whispers from the other young mutants, some were saying stuff like 'Nice! We get to skip class and watch a fight!

', 'I bet you 20 bucks Logan's gonna kick her ass.', or stuff like 'This is gonna be interesting, its been a while since we've seen a new face around here, I wonder what her mutation is.

' and honestly I don't really care what other think I was just bored and it's been a while since I had a proper fight against another experienced mutant and its nice to able to let loose once

in a while.

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