Chapter Two: Memelin and the Unexpected Encounters Part II
Chapter Two: Memelin and the Unexpected Encounters
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Diegrón and Alvatrón learned of the reason for Memelin sadness and they decided to help using their own experiences. This is just the beginning of a life-time journey.

Chapter Two: Memelin and the Unexpected Encounters Part II

By Juliana Maria Martinez Fajardo (c) Editorial Group: Juliana Victoria Martinez Eric Illies

The rain had finished falling on the forest and scaring the villagers. But there was an overwhelming sense of sadness that could be felt kingdoms away. As a way to calm the low moods that shook animals and plants, Memelin walked slowly through the trees followed by Diegrón and Alvatrón while smiling lovingly to every creature she encountered.

It wasn't a happy day in the forest. Memelin was not able to stop hunters from taking older monkeys from their homes.

Her only line of defense was to set free an espectacular storm to scare these heartless intruders away, although she wasn't completely successful. Her heart hurt and she couldn't hide her tears.

-"What's wrong Memelin?", Alvatrón asked. -"Sometimes", she replied, "even especial beings like me can't stop evil." "How can we help take away your tears?" Diegrón asked.

-"I am leading you towards the refuge where the sons and daughters of the monkeys that were taken, are hiding in fear. They need your help." She replied. -"We would love to help Memelin but not sure how." Diegrón responded.

-"You will find a way in your heart...just follow your instincts." Memelin said.

The two doubtful heroes arrived at the scene holding Memelin's hands which gave the monkeys comfort, not just because they accompanied Memelin but because a stream of butterflies flooded the small tree-made home where everyone was gathered.

-"Welcome, said Mama-monkey. I am glad you have come to visit us."

Even though the scene was gloomy, Diegrón and Alvatrón noticed that the children were being hugged by their mothers and their siblings. They were supporting each other in a way that motivated Diegrón and Alvatrón to get closer.

-"So, are you musical boys?" A young Monkey named Sparky curiously asked. "The butterflies follow you like crazy..."

-"Yes, we are!", Alvatrón said with confidence. "I play the piano and my brother the guitar." -"Do instruments bring you happiness?" Sparky asked. -"Creating music makes us so happy and instruments are the tools we use. Music helps us calm down and it's a joy for those around us...most of the time." Alvatrón added; They all laughed.

-"What else helps you when you are sad? - Sparky asked...My father has been taken by the hunters and I am really anxious and sad. I find it hard to eat and I don't sleep well... I am overwhelmed with emotions and afraid of what's to come." Sparky shared.

-" The love we get from our parents and special people in our lives provides the comforting feeling we need. To know we are not alone is a blessing" Diegrón stated.

"But they are not always with me, so I need to find ways to make myself feel better. Sometimes I read, pray, draw, play a game with my brother or cousins, have movie night at the castle and try to concentrate on as many positive thoughts as I can about my life."

-"I like to text my aunt", Alvatrón said and they all burst into laughter. "But seriously..." Alvatrón added, "I distract myself with music and staying active. As long as I am imagining, creating, and learning there is very little room for sadness in my life."

Memelin observed the boys quietly and impressed. There was such maturity in their advice to the monkeys that gave them assurance that everything was going to be ok... that sadness and anxiety were not going to win the battle.

-"Ok everyone, visiting hours are over", Memelin announced. "It is time for Diegrón and Alvatrón to harvest the wild berries of love and mushroom of happiness they are looking for."

-"But wait", Diegrón and Alvatrón said at once: "It has made us so happy already to share our experience with Sparky and his friends that we don't need to harvest any mushrooms. Not today. Since arriving at their monkeys' home, we have been embraced with an immense feeling of comfort and love; we don't need to harvest more wild berries of love for now.

We still have some of what Aletón and Ninacorn shared with us." -"Ok, as you wish", said Memelin trying to hide her excitement. "But I need to ask you to invite your cousins Isalar and Lukitalar on a mission to rescue Papa-monkeys.

We need everybody's strengths and heart to complete this mission." -"Deal", Alvatrón said. -"Take care Mama-monkey, Sparky and everyone. Hope to see you soon", Diegrón added.

Memelin accompanied them in spirit as the run their way out of the forest feeling accomplished. Butterflies followed them everywhere as they heard Memelin's voice signing: "Sadness leave, joy come hora de ser feliz (It's time to be happy)"

To be continued...

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