Chapter One: Memelin and the Cousins of NorVenCol
Chapter One: Memelin and the Cousins of NorVenCol fantasy stories

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Inspired by my nieces and nephews, my latest writing project is fictional short stories with non-fictional messages. They are an attempt to playfully discuss topics relevant to our troubled world: Mental health, love for the environment and the pursuit of happiness are just a few of the themes. They are a work in progress. I count on your feedback and encouragement. Welcome to the world of Memelin, a mystical creature that enlists the help of six cousins to fight the evils of the land of NorVenCol.

Chapter One: Memelin and the Cousins of NorVenCol

By Juliana Maria Martinez Fajardo (c) Editorial Group: Juliana Victoria Martinez Eric Illies Hassan Bahauddin

In a time long past, in a faraway kingdom, there was an enchanted forest. Legend has it a mysterious creature lived in the forest which protected all animals and plants.

From every tree to every stream, one could feel the creature's presence throughout the forest. The villagers called the creature Memelin, and they weren't quite sure what to think of her. Some feared her reaction when they went to cut down trees or hunt deer, whilst some'll see.

On this lazy sunny afternoon, while Memelin rested by the river admiring the wonder and beauty of the forest, she noticed she was being watched. Memelin heard a rustling in the bushes, as she spun around to look, she noticed a young boy.

-"Hello, what's your name young man?" -"Aletón", the boy nervously replied. -"What brings you to the forest Aletón?" -"I just turned 10 years old...I am looking for an adventure." -"Are you by yourself?" -"No"...."Ninacorn, where are you? You've got to see this."

Emerging from the bushes, with freshly picked flowers placed in her hair, was a beautiful little girl. -"I am Ninacorn, queen of all this land!" Ninacorn replied confidently.

-"Well, my queen..." said Memelin, "What do you do for fun?" -"Dance like a monkey, sing like the wind." She replied. -"Very well. I have a chore to do and if you are nice enough to help me, we can play together in the forest." Aletón and Ninacorn looked at each other and agreed to help at once.

-"The task is simple: Help me harvest as many wild berries and wild mushrooms as you possibly can. I know it's hard."

Without thinking twice, the kiddos took on the task while Memelin observed, smiling and thinking "These kids are well raised...!" When they were done and exhausted, Memelin hugged them tenderly and whispered in their ears:

"These are berries of love and mushrooms of happiness.”

They grant wishes to those who use them wisely. But keep in mind your wishes will come true under three conditions: First, you must share this love and happiness with others around you near and far throughout your lives. Secondly, you must tell others about the beauty of the forest and its wildlife,

so we can all protect them. Last but not least, you must bring your cousins Diegrón, Alvatrón, Lukitalar and Isalar to harvest berries and mushrooms so they too can spread love and happiness everywhere they go."

Memelin barely finished the sentence as she started to vanish through the branches. The sound of her voice carried out by the wind and the birds around her flew rapidly away from Aletón and Ninacorn. The day turned into night immediately and they looked at one another in disbelief. Aletón and Ninacorn happily ran back to the castle and told the tale of Memelin.

They fulfilled the conditions they were given; enjoying and sharing a life of love and never-ending happiness.

Memelin watches over them silently and lovingly from the forest waiting for others to join her in harvesting more berries and mushrooms for happy generations to come. She didn't have much to give, but only the very thing they will ever need.

The be continued...

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