Your Crooked Teeth
Your Crooked Teeth her stories

jmknell Community member
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And your quick tongue

Your Crooked Teeth

And I find myself here again, in love with her sin. Beautiful fucking angel with a malicious little grin. Retracing my footsteps, I don't know how I got back down this path. Your wrath, it's back and we just can't win. Why'd I let you back in.

When confusion rolls in, the fog has no end. And when the breezes blows I'm stuck finding where your heart stands. The ghosts of our past always led me askew. These white lies and red devils have to go, just take them with you.

I don't know why I'm so late on this conclusion. Obivously I'm always caught up in some self-made delusion. And you, the master of illusion, made me want to be fooled everytime. Our happy ending was out of my sight and out of your mind.

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