Some ink runs, not all ink fades

Some ink runs, not all ink fades grave stories

jmknell Community member
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You think that I wouldn't still think of you?

Some ink runs, not all ink fades

I'll be damned, you think you can win that easily. It's true your words captivate and tease me. I can't even lie that you make my breathing uneasy. Reach out and seize me, believe me, you won't lose me that easily.

Even after a decade some echoes still hit a resounding truth. Rewinds time to remind us of the intense fallacies of youth.

Memories of the commotion of our ocean of emotions flood open. Reminsing on missing the transmission of your missive of bliss when we were kissing.

Not going to think too hard on what created its absence. I know there wasn't enough forgiveness in you to handle my lack of sense.

For reasons I can't fanthom, it feels good to kick through the embers of this old fire. Watching as cameras roll from our finest hour toward where it all went sour.

To you now I might as well be a name on a headstone, because you buried me years ago. I've tried hard to do the same, because we both know you're happier when you don't remember my name.

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