Maelstrom Madness

Maelstrom Madness drowning stories

jmknell Community member
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Anchor side, I have arrived, I'm still alive, again I'll thrive.

Maelstrom Madness

Tied me to your anchor. As you threw it out to sea. Now I've been down here so long I've forgotten how breathe.

A promise to return is recognized, as a lie, as my lungs before to burn. I look deep inside. My hope still lies. I do not seem to learn.

To love, I choose, as you drown in booze, I hope is not the case. From two to choose, one you will lose. To you it's not a race.

I approach death's door with my heart at war. She'll never give up on me. Conflicting sides are from my doubts derived. She'll never come for me.

I must move on, your siren's song, it now feels wrong to hear you sing. I must toss aside, That which was contrived, from love deprived, My ears begin to ring.

She has lost all love for me.

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