Abandoned, but it's still our home
Abandoned, but it's still our home home stories

jmknell Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago
Lets not let the dust collect too long

Abandoned, but it's still our home

You were my cornerstone of what I called home. From now and ever after. All feels wrong since you've been gone. I long to hear your laughter.

The way we would just lay right there, and waste the day away. I long for time spent with you, when our hearts did sing and dance and play.

I know that I will always be with you, if even only in your heart. And I hope you know for you, the same is true, no matter how long we're apart.

Sometimes the world is cruel and you only get solace when you wanted peace. But I'll hold onto it tight, the knowledge that our love will never cease.

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